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  1. sweet little girls.......who knew sagnam had it in him!!
  2. jesus, I like big sean.....but that was by far the worst halftime show ever
  3. air max, jordans, adidas, nike goadome boots, timberland boots
  4. yes! the fireworks tents are having great sales! I hope everyone gets stocked up for the summer!
  5. still hear a few going off......ahhh music to my ears....keep it coming!
  6. its his ball. He owes arod nothing
  7. yeah that's it. falls lounge. It was a really good burger.....but I was also a little into the bottle before hand too.
  8. I had my first burger there not long ago. it was ok. there is a place across the street...cant remember the name that I liked much better
  9. Source: Lions offered Suh $102M with $58M guaranteed
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