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  1. It’s really gonna be April that sinks this club, huh.
  2. HINCH is here for W’s, not for shenanigans.
  3. Baddoo CF Schoop 2B Greene LF Tork 1B Candelario 3B Grossman RF Haase C Cabrera DH Short SS Don’t fret over the order, but this is a lineup that we could be running out almost every night. Make it happen or sell the team.
  4. The Mazara love makes no sense with how the team dispatched the likes of Ramos and (finally) Jacoby. Hoping the latter never shows back up, I fully expect Mazara and Garcia to be sent to Belize. Good win. Win out from here to the ASB, we're 1 game under .500 and everything changes.
  5. Rangers are comically bad tonight, and may just be comically bad. But we're up by 7, and that's what I expected. I am beginning to expect things from this team, and golly darn it, they're doing it.
  6. Mazara still freaking sucks. In what world does Nomar get all these chances when there are legitimately better hitters in the minors.
  7. Why Mazara gets ABs and Tork and Greene are mashing AA is beyond me. Win, and win now.
  8. 13 pitch second for Mize. He's turning into something super solid. Time to buy, Avila, you big dumb dummy.
  9. Tork should be on the big club now. Greene a few weeks after he recovers from this illness. Get people in the seats and get the next phase going.
  10. I don’t mind interleague when it’s in our park. No DH is stupid AF. That said, I hate the Cardinals more than any other team in the AL and I want to obliterate them.
  11. Grossman just missed a HR right of the foul pole. Yeesh.
  12. He's unreal, but I wanna beat the **** outta this guy.
  13. Thank god the site is back. What was going on??
  14. What are you on? Forget the excessive negativity, you’re.....not factually correct. Wow.
  15. Win. Can't lose tomorrow. Take Chicago's lunch to end the week. F Chicago.
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