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  1. Time for a fan revolt. Organized online social media movement. Every final score twitter post should be flooded with thousands of replies, urging Chris to sell the team. Can't go on like this.
  2. I truly believe the pitch clock dilemma is a red herring. What are we trying to solve? I think two things: total minutes it takes to play a game, and lack of “excitement” in the sport. In my soul I don’t personally care about either, but instead of adding clocks to a timeless game, let’s look at precedent in the sport. The idea I like the most? Move the mound back. It’s drastic, but it’s already been done before and it will immediately increase balls in play which I believe will solve both problems.
  3. I don’t argue that. They should step out less, and pitchers should throw the ball. Still, however, I just do not care about pace of play. The world’s most beautiful game is un-clocked. As of the first pitch, time ceases to exist. 2:40, or 5:00 hours I just dgaf. The only passage of time I need is watching the Tigers march to the 27th out. When the game is over I will at some point remember that the concept of time exists. F you, Manfraud. Bringing clocks into baseball is all I need to know about your character: I hate you, and I wouldn’t trust you to manage a Wendy’s.
  4. The “pace of play” issue is clearly because of commercial breaks. How long were ad breaks in the 80s? I’d be shocked if they were as long as they are now.
  5. Boyd/Turnbull/Mize/Skubal.......those four could make you think some crazy thoughts.
  6. Don’t worry Mize is Funkhouser 2.0. Washed up and broken.
  7. Leave the name alone. The crowd is already shouting "Baddoooooooooooo" even when he catches a fly ball. It's happening.
  8. Weather looks good after this passes. Nice. I wanted a nap anyway.
  9. They got the J&J, which anecdotally, comes with less side effects. It’s also largely two days max then you feel right as rain. Who knows, they even could have held back on Julio and Tarik, vaccinating other starters first who have more rest time. glad it happened though. Given the data I’d guess the tigers don’t have any games this year called off because of themselves. weird times.
  10. Is this what it feels like to be those A’s teams Verlander pounded in the playoffs a few years ago?
  11. Where TF is Baddoo?! Soon as Mazara K’s in his first AB I expect an immediate substitution.
  12. Noooooooope. Not what I’m saying. Give Mize, Manning, Skubal etc. a little grace before declaring the busts during Spring Training 2021? Yes. Exactly what I’m saying.
  13. Only thing that gives me pause on everyone’s doom and gloom is this idea that we’re coming out of a world wide global health crisis wherein we will not understand the mental health ramifications for decades. We’re looking at these young players and judging them this spring as if everything has been peaches and cream. From a psychology standpoint I’d expect abnormal things for awhile yet until everything just settles the F down.
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