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  1. Headed for Cincinnati at 9:48 out of Detroit Metro Wayne to take the boys to Pittsburgh, and a sweep.
  2. You can expect your excommunication letter any day now.
  3. I was there! News media made it very difficult for soldiers to come "home" after that. (Wrong forum).
  4. Rumor is both McLaughlin and Holub have signed. Just leaves Smith , Crouch, Anderson and Bigbie.
  5. This is my story and I'm sticking with it! ( I would like to say 80-82 but I don't think they can make it.) 😞
  6. I wish they would change the header colors so I could see the sign-in tab.
  7. Tork's single wins in walkoff!
  8. I use Amazon Firestick with MLB subscription. Works great except for the blackouts.
  9. I'll take back the four from Covid and make it 78-84.
  10. Its not MLB exactly that is the problem. Its the cable companies and the regions they control. Their contracts state that no streaming is allowed in their area of coverage. Therefore, companies like Spectrum etc. control what you can watch and what you can't.
  11. A (Anthony) Bass is a slight possibility.
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