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  1. I'll take back the four from Covid and make it 78-84.
  2. Its not MLB exactly that is the problem. Its the cable companies and the regions they control. Their contracts state that no streaming is allowed in their area of coverage. Therefore, companies like Spectrum etc. control what you can watch and what you can't.
  3. A (Anthony) Bass is a slight possibility.
  4. "Just dreaming of the future!" https://twitter.com/tigers/status/1364393386938089474/photo/1
  5. Word is the college games will disappear and the schedule is being revamped. No split squad games allowed.
  6. My argument here would be teams would not spend for the biggest names but might be willing to spend a little more for second or third tier players to insure their making the playoffs. So there may be a net gain due to needing just a little better players. To your point, more teams does mean over all less talent.
  7. This line of thinking would suggest that management doesn't care about winning, they just want to get in.
  8. I would think the difference in less regular season games would offset the additional games during playoff. Granted, no gain for the players but no loss either. The owners and third party interests will suffer due to probably no fans or at least reduced fans in the stands. Additional playoff games would help offset those losses. Seems one sided for the players to me.
  9. Anyone hear why the player's assoc. rejected MLB season offer?
  10. Another possibility is all those guys told Avila to take a hike, I'm not interested.
  11. Not to change the subject but OOTP is offering OOTP 2021 for $5.00. Thought you might want to know. https://www.ootpdevelopments.com/
  12. I was playing little league when these guys were born.
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