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  1. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to see Kaline play but I will always love the memories of him and George Kell doing television as a kid growing up in the 80's. Those two seamed to have a unique chemistry together. They filled the void of the Grandfathers (along with Ernie) that I did not have in my life. Rest In Peace, Al Kaline.
  2. I'm Catholic and can't stand Pope Francis. My disdain for him probably exceeds Sinead O' Conner's disdain for Pope John Paul II.
  3. Still believing that false narrative? There was no evidence that Zimmerman did anything other than observe before Martin assaulted him.
  4. You simply can't trust a Main stream media source when they write anything about Zimmerman. They all lost credibility the instant they reported his incident with Martin. Re-NewsIt!: George Zimmerman's side of the sensationalized "attempted murder" headlines The same clown who claimed Zimmerman was threatening him in 2014 is the one who took a shot at him just recently. Zimmerman is simply being stalked by a nut.
  5. No I used actual arrest data for Ferguson, not national data. If you want to continue to squawk about it being incomplete, so be it. To ignore it for that reason is silly as the rape example I gave in my post earlier demonstartes. No government data is probably 100% accurate or complete, but dismissing it entirely would be foolish. So the Ferguson police department lets rapists go free, as long as they're not black? That makes you sound insane.
  6. If you're not claiming that the arrest data doesn't skew the actual crime percentages for the city then why in the hell are you arguing with me. I'm really failing to see the point. A no snitching culture means more blacks get away with crime, therefore fewer arrests. Surely you undertsand this? The race of the victims is important. Most criminals don't commit crime outside their own neighborhoods. Surely your MS in Criminology taught you this. Just tell me what % of the crime pie do you think the Blacks in 67% Black Ferguson are responsible for. From 2001 to present there were 28 people in arrested in Ferguson for rape, all of them black. That means that there would have to be 9 rapists that were not black that were not arrested for the black rape rate to match their demographics.
  7. You're the one using circular logic. You're making a giant assumption that because crime data is incomplete, that the percentages are skewed. That could possibly be true, but not in the way you're thinking. Which race has the no snitching culture? Ok, throw out the arrest data and just look at the race of victims of crime. Why are blacks more likely to be killed than whites in the United States? It's absurd for you to believe in a (false) narrative so much that you'll walk through life with your eyes closed.
  8. U Blacks are responsible for over 90% of non-discretionary crime in Ferguson... i.e. rapes, burgalaries, murders, robberies, assault which is the basis of my argument. It's not absurd to think that the race of people that commit 90% of non-discretionary crime also commit 90% of discretionary offenses (jay-walking, traffic violations, etc.) especially when the city is 67% black.
  9. Not exactly. Use the website to find the race and crime demographics of the neighboring St. Louis (and St. Louis) communities. This whole thing is surreal to me. Just looking at black crime rates nationally it shouldn't be outrageous to expect a 67% black city to have a 90% black crime rate. in fact anything less would be shocking to me and wouldn't fit in with national black crime rates. If anybody thinks Ferguson is shocking they should look at black arrest rates in liberal San Fransisco. I feel bad for the residents that get soaked by the municipality to fund the government but when you have a near non-existent property tax revenue you're going to get the money to fund your municipality somehow. Blame the introduction of Section 8 housing into Ferguson for that one.
  10. SLMPD Public Information My mistake on the Civil Rights division. The Civil Rights Division conducted both investigations. However there is a criminal section of the Civil Rights division that performed the investigation on Wilson.
  11. Because it wasn't the civil rights division that did that investigation.
  12. A 100 page report from the Department of Justice's civil rights division (A highly politicized division of the DOJ) is hardly evidence of anything. The report makes a big deal out of the arrest rate of blacks when they're being arested in proportion to their crime rates.
  13. Due to my turbo-deucing ability and the rarity I go in public, a handicap person is more likely to win the lottery than be inconvienced by me using the handicrapper.
  14. Hot - YouTube The Gym that Planet Fitness is trying to make fun of is the one I want a membership to. $10/ month... I guess you get what you pay for. A third lockeroom is the solution to this. One in which anyone is free to enter.
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