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  1. I'm 23, and i've probably been a 3 since I was 19 or 20. I tried rogaine. Everyone told me it was working, but i'm pretty sure they're just blowing smoke up my ***, because I didn't notice a difference. Cut off my ponytail, donated it to locks for love, shaved my head, and that was it.... god i miss my long hair So nice to know i'm not alone.
  2. At the end, before Dale got torn in two by the zombie, did anyone else think Daryl was just going to kill the kid right there in the barn?
  3. my question exactly. Thankfully the site I use once in a while was not shut down.
  4. I understand that, but my point is, why is his name even brought up. He stinks. Any other team in baseball, when they upgrade a position hardly ever worry about how the player being replaced feels. Why do the tigers always worry about Inge's feelings? Who cares? You made your team better, and your worried about the guy that got replaced? Happens every day in professional sports.
  5. Oh no I have. I'm a huge part of it. I just find it hard to believe that Inge being happy or unhappy is even a topic of discussion. It just amazes me how whenever the tigers seemingly make a move to improve the team from an offensive standpoint, theres always a lot of talk about how it affects Inge. Thats all.
  6. for sure, but he'd still be in NY if we did draft him, so its a moot point.
  7. it amazes me how enamored this town is with a guy who cant hit a beach ball.
  8. still hate him, but this was not his fault. The offense blew so many chances to score.
  9. jonmorosi: Source: If #Tigers replace Magglio Ordonez with a minor leaguer, it will be Clete Thomas. https://twitter.com/jonmorosi/status/123156389798486016
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