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  1. We might as well get used to it. There will be no changes To me, the situation seems to be: Ownership is trying to be frugal. Whether the team wins 1 or 100 games, there will only be 8,000 butts max in the seats. Why spend money, when the goal probably right now is to conserve cash? I would think that other Illitch businesses right now might be paddling hard to make loan payments, but I might be wrong. This team is not going anywhere. To be marginally successful, they need at least 3 quality bullpen arms, and 4 or more average MLB position players. Far too many holes to patch. Miggy is nothing but a sideshow now. The organization needs a draw, and fans will show up or tune in as long as there is a chance he will attempt to play. They have a scapegoat in place-- Avila . He will be sacrificed as needed. They need him to take the blame for everything, including the absolutely abysmal record of the farm system's failure to identify, attract, develop properly, and retain ball players. I have been entertaining thoughts recently if there is a move afoot to sell or move the team, butsuch thoughts are probably ill-advised right now.
  2. Somehow, after reading this thread up to this point , I am reminded of the scene from the movie Major League, where the GM asks, "What is our Team Concept ? " Wake me up in the spring of 2022.
  3. Who cares about Hinch. What I care about is if anyone on the Tigers can hit the damned cutoff man.
  4. BTW, I am not old. I am chronologically enriched.
  5. My late father in law was a radio operator in WWII on a B-24 liberator that was shot down and just managed to crash in Switzerland. He spent the remainder of the war (shot down in late 1943) in Switzerland. The immediate family knew, and they were threatened with immediate incarceration if they said anything at all to anyone. Also the number of families that lost someone in WWI and later in WWII also created a norm in which many did not show much public emotion so to protect the feelings of the members of the immediate family that were dealing with the loss of loved ones. These folks, in my estimation, were not only the greatest generation, but also knew how to be reserved to protect others. This is the silent majority that 1960's politicians talked about.
  6. Rest in Peace Mister Tiger. For those of us who saw you play at your prime, we will never gorget.
  7. Hey ,a walk and a single. Maybe a rally by the Tigers
  8. Kaline broke his collarbone racing after a ball hit by Elston Howard on May 26, 1961.
  9. I am old enough to remember Kaline breaking g his collar bone in 1961.
  10. I don't care about ******* service time. I do care about winning. Anybody who comes out of spring training this year on this team is just cannon fodder. It makes no sense to bring up guys when the Tigers do not have enough position players on the parent team and in the entire minor league team to make a run at winning. We are not going to win in 2020, or in 2021, or most likely 2022. And yes, I know that no one knows that for sure. It is not about economics. It is about having enough quality players on the field together at one time to win. And as far as Manning, Mize, and the rest of the cast that is on its way, figure that 40% will blow up their arms in the first 2 years of MLB service, and of all the position players in the entire farm system today, only one or maybe 2 will be good enough to be a starter on most MLB clubs when they are ready. The first step toward being competitive will be in spending money in 2021. At that point, folks like Manning and Mize will be ready to compete in the bigs, and after this year's debacle, any sensible thinking would spend money to improve the product. If their is anything salvageable out of the Verlander trade, in 2021 I would expect at least one of the trio of Perez, Rogers, and Cameron to at least to be a sub level player, which is about the best we can hope for. By the same token, in 2021, given the supposed "quality" prospects we could promote, and spending some money, maybe that team could be a long shot to reach 76 to 78 wins. 2020 may be the biggest year for the Tigers organizationally since the late 70's when the minors leagues had some players in them. Personally I don't give a damn if the Illitch family ends up homeless, or what other human malady that could befall them. This team is a very long way from being a modestly competitive team. I don't want to see people rushed and add ten years to the time frame when the team is respectable.
  11. Wow... It seems like on first blush, most here are more optimistic than I am. It will be interesting to see what folks think about the Tiger's chances around the end of spring training. I don't care if some of the suspects (.i.e, Beau Burrows, Funkhauser, Cameron) get a shot at the majors this year. I don't want to see service time wasted by using Manning, Mize, etc. this year.
  12. Don't worry. He will talk to Lloyd and Daz will be back in his own ways.
  13. Gardy, completely fed up, resigns 10 games into the season, is hired by Cincinnati and the Reds win the World Series.
  14. With respect to the World Series, why not play it in a warm neutral sight, like Arizona or San Juan Puerto Rico? That would solve playing in cold weather and give MLB fans to travel like NFL fans.
  15. Boyd might still be worth more in trade than as a piece to build a club around. By all appearances,with or without Boyd, the 2022 and 2023 Tigers look like a solid pitching team. Players like Turnbull, Norris, and Boyd will all be on the trading block someday.
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