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  1. Danny Worth to minor league camp. Ausmus says positional roster not necessarily set but barring last-minute deal, Tyler Collins looks to be on the team. Both per Jason Beck's twitter.
  2. Brandon Phillips-@DatDudeBP....pretty cool guy, really good with his fans Mine is @JoshGamble9 (shameless plug for new followers)
  3. hahaha, I'm being serious, they really are for her.
  4. I am trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets for my girlfriend tomorrow morning but the presale tomorrow is for Lion's season ticketholders. Anyone here have season tickets that has the presale code for this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yeah, he came into the Dick's Sporting Goods that I work at probably about 2 weeks ago. He looked good, looked like he was in decent shape. And he was wearing a Kenny Powers, Eastbound and Down tshirt which is awesome! ha
  6. I just don't see him as having concussion issues. I mean he left his feet and landing on his head and hurt his neck and got a concussion. Seems more like an isolated incident than a concussion "issue"
  7. I didn't see the specifics on the trade but I love the pick. The concussion was a fluke. He made a stupid mistake by leaving his feet and got flipped. I'd be willing to bet that he learned from that mistake very quickly.
  8. I didn't really know what forum to put this in so I put it here. Feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate place for it. I am looking for an excel spreadsheet to keep pitching stats. I am keeping stats for my brother's high school career in case we need it for recruitment purposes. I would like to find a program where I can put in his stats for each game and have excel calculate it out. I am bad with excel or else I would just create one myself. I figure with the wealth of knowledge this board has that someone here either already has something like this or knows where I could find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Slow's BBQ is always delicious
  10. Thanks for the info....ended up getting a hold of my rep. He said the 15 gamers don't come Fed-Ex, just regular mail and mine were sent out so I should get them soon. Basically, just wanted to know if I had opening day or not which I do, not in my regular seats but only 7 rows back so not bad I guess.
  11. Still haven't gotten mine. 15 game plan. Maybe they just haven't sent those out yet? My ticket rep isn't being very much help either. Last Wednesday he told me they were printed and I would get them by the end of the week. I went on the Tigers website and used their "track your tickets" feature and no tracking information came up for my tickets. Getting a bit concerned. Is this out of the ordinary that it is taking this long to get them?
  12. Yeah, just saw that and put this in the wrong forum. I'm a moron. Sorry guys and gals. haha
  13. Report: Allen Iverson facing alcohol, gambling problems - ESPN Multiple NBA sources say Allen Iverson is facing alcohol and gambling issues that have derailed his career and threaten his post-basketball well-being, Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports in a column published Monday. Allen Iverson played only 25 games for the 76ers before stepping away for the season. According to multiple NBA sources, there is widespread concern that the four-time NBA scoring champion, who left the Philadelphia 76ers in February to deal with his daughter's illness and will not return this season, "will either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away," Smith reported. Iverson's gambling problem is serious enough that he has been banished from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City, N.J., according to Smith. The report comes as Iverson is dealing with significant personal problems. Iverson's wife Tawana filed for divorce on March 4, the same day the Philadelphia 76ers announced that the All-Star guard would not return for the rest of the season. In the divorce filing, made at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Tawana Iverson said the couple's 8½-year marriage is "irretrievably broken" and sought full custody of the family's five children, child support and alimony. Iverson, who played 25 games for the Sixers this season, returned to Atlanta in February to be with his family and deal with an undisclosed illness affecting his 4-year-old daughter, Messiah. Smith, who has covered Iverson closely for years, wrote in Monday's column that Iverson needs someone with "the ideal combination of compassion and toughness" in his life. And former Temple coach John Chaney said that person is John Thompson, Iverson's former college coach at Georgetown. "[Thompson] is the one guy who'll have a chance of slowing this train wreck down, who could wrap his arms around Iverson and have an impact, because clearly it has not been done," Chaney said, according to Smith. "But there's still this one question: Will [iverson] listen?" Iverson started the season with the Memphis Grizzlies but only played three games, amid disagreements over playing time, before announcing a short-lived retirement. He signed the 76ers as a free agent in December, making a tearful return to the city where he spent his first 10½ seasons, won four scoring titles, earned the 2000-01 MVP award and led the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals. Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006 and played for the Nuggets through 2008, when he was dealt to the Detroit Pistons. _____________________________________________________________ Not surprising. I used to see him down at Greektown Casino quite frequently when he played here. Watched him lost about 50 grand in about 15-20 minutes.
  14. NFL Injuries - CBSSports.com Follet not listed so I have no idea
  15. Wow, thanks. If I cant find one I will PM you.
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