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  1. If rap is poetry as those in the rap business like to spout off when defending their "music" .. then he indeed, is not the greatest rapper of all time.
  2. You'll soon get those who'll lay claim that Tiger stadium was a dump in its dying days ... but it had what most of these "amazing" fields lack - character, charm, history. Seeing that last picture is just heart breaking.
  3. MLB officially released the official speeds of his official pitches in the official spring training game:
  4. Does anyone have a list of all games being televised in spring training?
  5. My boys fell pretty bad to Dundee. 50-9 I believe the final score ... first year the team made states in a while. We have 8 going to the individuals meet, hopefully a better turnout We lost our "superstar" to graduation last year. Ryen Nieman. He finished his career with 177 straight wins and finished 231-6, his 231 wins is the 9th most in the states history.
  6. Alba vs. Ambrosio .... a legendary feud, where WE ALL win and the kittens die.
  7. If anyone is interested, they are telecasting live on the internets: MHSAA.tv Video Portal or FOXSportsDetroit.com's MHSAA Game Streaming Schedule my high school, Midland Bullock Creek has eight wrestlers going to the individual meet, and the team made it to the team meet as well.
  8. Weird. It's not working for me. I tried it on Chrome and IE.
  9. is the sound not working for anyone else?
  10. Is there any youtube videos of Sheltons start of 2006? I can't find anything.
  11. I'm getting mine on Wednesday ... been doing some research, but have not found any definitive answer: Can you watch MLB.tv on the Droid Incredible? Anyone have one? This is my first foray into "smart phone" technology... those who have one of these, what do you love and hate about this phone?
  12. Nah, they'll trade Tex to someone for some pitching. The Yankees pitching is scary.. there going to need to score 8 runs a night to just be in a game!
  13. Personally, i think he'd be stupid not to become a free agent. He's easily the second best player in baseball - he should see what's out there. There's nothing wrong with seeing what your worth.
  14. I don't see how it's not feasible. We cut payroll by 30 million dollars this season. He wants 30 million a year. Oh and Illitch has more money than all of us put together.
  15. Well, one thing is for sure... he's not hosting an illegal sports stream.
  16. I don't know, usually when i have a stream, i just pm it, so a ton of people don't go there from here ... it's part of my paranoia, i guess
  17. Should we be posting that for the world to see? I know other sites have ... just doesn't seem like a good idea for MTS?
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