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  1. Looking at Lackeys stats thus far in the season, it's key that we get that first hitter on base. That's a given in most games, but look at these stats (via yahoo): Bases Empty 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 15.0 12 4 4 2 5 12 2.40 1.13 .207 Runners On 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 9.0 9 7 7 1 4 8 7.00 1.44 .290
  2. Some quick predictions before game: Maggs: 3/5 with 2hr, 5ribbies. Shelton knocks a two run shot Maroth befuddles, YES, befuddles the Angels with 12 ks. Tigers 12, Angels 2
  3. Steinbrenner has always wanted Higgy. He'll offer him a spring training look. Higgy will hit .700 in the spring and then crank 25/100 for the yanks, after Damon goes down with an injury. Its tiger luck, kids.
  4. Brandon Inge? First, i'll admit. He was horrid at the plate as a catcher. But since being moved to third, his hitting has improved. His power numbers aren't that of a 3b, maybe, but he doesnt get injured, is decent in the field. If he were to be a little more patient, cut down on the strikeouts, i think he'd hit 25/90 numbers. Very decent for a guy making 1.5 million. His numbers have improve the last two years, as well, with the exception of his batting average. And, he's no Rob Deer Lets face it, we're not going to pull in a Glaus, i think Inge is a very capable player. Age, my only real concern. Why am i wrong? Why am i right? Later guys.
  5. 3/3/2005 Tigers @ Phillies 1:05PM ET XM 185 3/4/2005 Phillies @ Tigers 1:05PM ET XM 177 3/5/2005 Tigers @ Yankees 1:05PM ET XM 177 3/6/2005 Tigers @ Indians 1:05PM ET XM 183 3/11/2005 Yankees @ Tigers 8:05PM ET XM 178 3/13/2005 Mets @ Tigers 1:05PM ET XM 178 3/18/2005 Tigers @ Astros 7:05PM ET XM 186 3/21/2005 Tigers @ Astros 6:05PM ET XM 179 3/26/2005 Tigers @ Indians 1:05PM ET XM 179 3/27/2005 Blue Jays @ Tigers 1:05PM ET XM 178 3/28/2005 Tigers @ Astros 1:05PM ET XM 178 3/29/2005 Braves @ Tigers 7:05PM ET XM 184 3/30/2005 Tigers @ Indians 1:05PM ET XM 178 3/31/2005 Indians @ Tigers 1:05PM ET XM 178 4/1/2005 Tigers @ Yankees 1:05PM ET XM 178 4/2/2005 Phillies @ Tigers 2:05PM ET XM 185
  6. Micro: Next time your in my neck of the woods, i'm buying your drinks all night. I too, am sick and f'n tired of this crap. David Wells looks to have lost some weight .. guess he was on the juice .... Pudge was nicknamed pudge for a reason .. he was FAT or more politicaly correct, "Pudgy". He's getting up there in age. He's a catcher. His back is hurting. What better way to eleviate that pain, then lose some poundage. I should do the same. Guess i was on steroids too.
  7. 45 million dollar cap. Where is the Wings salary at right now?
  8. Higgy: Listen, coach. We've been working on these dance moves all day. Your not getting it. Tram: Come on! Gibby will laugh at me if he beats me in the spring training dance finals again!
  9. Guess i'm a moron then. Or, maybe, i'd like to see facts. Just because the guy lost weight doesn't automatically render him guilty of what the baron of truth, Jose Conseco says in a book that put some coin in his pocket. There's TWO sides to every story.
  10. Sabre? i'm behind on this. I'm just an ordinary fan. but have read comments from threads discussing all this. SO, i ask you sabrefanatics, give me a site to look at, so i can read about the history, definitions ... etc. Thanks! Dennis
  11. I spoke with XM about this today. The person i spoke with stated that the home teams feed will be aired. So, if Detroit is home, Dickerson and Price ... if it's in Minnesota, their play-by-play guys are on XM.
  12. That's probably the most intelligent comment I've seen posted anywhere in regards to this contract. This game is a gamble. If i remember right, Juan Gonzalez was healthy when he came to Detroit. We all know how that panned out. Nothings for sure. If that were the case, NY would be on it's 10th straight world series title run. Gotta take some chances to. Sometimes you end up with yoke in your eyes. Atleast we're doing something.
  13. Ok, so the Tigers didn't get Beltran. They didn't get Pavano. They ended up getting Percival (who saw that coming?) and Maggs. We lost Munson (I liked him) but that's not losing much. The team we sported last season were 72-90. The pitching is young, and the offense was fine .. kinda died late in the year, but i'll blame that on Young (cuz i feel like it Jason Johnson is a bust. We should move him outta here, but Bonderman and Maroth both showed promise .. and i'm sorry, but Nate Robertson will be the ace of this staff, and put up 20 wins this year (barring injury). This team did NOTHING to hurt itself this year. Why is everyone saying that they won't get close to the 72 wins of last year? If Maggs and Percy are healthy, i predict a 12-15 game improvement. Maybe i'm drunk ... maybe i'm optimistic ... maybe i just love my Tigers!
  14. AL East ------- NYA Bos Balt Tor TB AL Central ---------- Cle Minn Det ChW KC AL West ------- LAA Tex Oak Sea NL East ------- Atl NYM Phi Fla Was NL Central ---------- Hou Stl ChC Cin Mil Pit NL West ------- LA Ari Col SD SF Pudge= 122
  15. I'm torn on the signing, myself. I know Maggs was a great hitter before the injury, but can he come back healthy? And I totally understand that Detroit has to throw in more cash then most. The signing is intriguing. Atleast Mike and the gang are trying. Let's just hope for a healthy season from Maggs.
  16. Is there any service (such as MLB's) that allows you too watch minor league baseball online?
  17. TigerCap, 92 ey! Awesome. I graduated in 99'... Are you still livin' around the area ? I'll look at my time in Kzoo as probably the greatest time of my life. Hangin' out at Bilbos, eatin' @ the ground round, or gettin' trashed at Waldo's...great times man. I lived right behind Waldo's, on Sprague. Every time the football team scored, Dennis was woke up by an explosion..kinda cool (unless you were recovering from a hangover!) Dennis
  18. Hey gang, This is my first official post to the MoTownTigers website. Just wanted to throw out a "Howya doin" (Joey style)... I'm joing the MTT.com site as a columnist, so check out the front page to see if I've wrote anything new for you fine folks to chew on. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 25 years old, graduated from Western Michigan University w/ a degree in journalism. I'm currently a part-time writer for the Midland Daily News. The Tigers have long been my greatest love. The last 10 years have taken an emotional toll on me ! I try to stay positive in regards to my thoughts on the Tigers, even though that philosphy is sometimes stretched to near impossibilty. During the Tigers 0-11 start, I tried to focus on the good things, namely "Mr. Smith goes home". I think the team is headed in the right direction. I believe we'll see vast improvents over the next couple of seasons. I know, how can we do any worse, right? I want to know what you guys look for in a column? What kind of stories do you generally enjoy. I want to bring the readers of MoTownTigers.com a column they'll enjoy. Hopefully, this thread is being placed in the correct section of the site...don't want to tick anyone off on my first day! Hit me with an email, I hope to build strong friendships with all of you. Dennis DuBay [email protected]
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