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  1. My name is Dennis. I love Detroit Tiger baseball, beer and pizza. My marital status is single, however, I am dating. So sorry, ladies. Special talents include not falling of a bar stool for hours, running a 40 in 4.0 (in my head) and conquering the 9x9x9 at least six times. Nice to meet you all.
  2. Haven't tried Prime yet ... whats the new release situation on Prime, Ant?
  3. I bought my second unit this weekend after the first one i had "disappeared".
  4. Every time i hear of a wrestler passing, I fear it's The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon. Was never a Graham fan, just never bought into him being a wrestler - but Armstrong ... he was underated .. could have been a star with the right manager talkin' for him.
  5. I'll do the Wing's game tonight, but lets play the rest of the season by ear, mmk?
  6. Everyone chip in and buy me some ice, won't ya?
  7. I'm sure most of you know about it, but if not ... here is the link: Yahoo! Sports Presents MLB Full Count it's kind of like MLB Networks live look in show ...so if you don't have MLB Network, this is a pretty cool alternative.
  8. I got a text earlier from a friend .. while listening to Itunes, the mac in question deleted all the songs then turned off. Now the mac won't turn back on. I'm not a mac user, so .. i don't know what to tell the friend. The research i've done makes me think it's a power source issue. I thought I'd ask you all what you thought .. is there any quick fixes?
  9. I was surfing my tumblr dash when what do you know, I see this: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! — Taken right after 7 hours of tattooing. I love it... It's the work of our very own Yoda. I was instantly proud.
  10. Is there a big gay and lesbian demographic in miami?
  11. I was sitting in front of a TV such as this: Eating birthday cake - it was my Mom's 31st birthday. I remember sitting Indian style in front of that tv the whole game, never taking my eyes off of it, never moving until that slow dribbler to Frank ... 1987 was a tumultuous year for our family. My sister had died in march of that that year, and my grampa had died almost a year to the day we clinched that title. So in someways, it was the first good thing to happen in my tenth year on planet earth.
  12. .54 cents a day is a killer, maybe you just go to the library and read free books. my lord. the uproar about this is f'n ridiculous.
  13. I was curious about his playing days after reading a story about him today. So while perusing his stats, i noticed one season in particular that didn't fit the rest of his career, 1973. To that point of his career (he had played 7 full seasons by then, and was 30 years old) his career high in HR's was 18 (set in 1971). In 1973 he hit 43. I was just surprised to see such a jump in his stats that year. Was he a big story in 73 (for those of you around back then).
  14. Not one Bukowski book? You people sicken me. I want my money back!
  15. Hey, if Jeter can play SS .. anyone can.
  16. Thank you all, very much! To answer the question of am i still enjoying my relocation: YES! I'm home. And home is certainly where the heart is. Plus, i get to watch minor league baseball every night the Loons are home!
  18. Lloyd is busy running "I Got Worms!" right now. Leave him alone.
  19. Please read both of your separate thoughts. You are not making sense. thank you.
  20. Wonder what Native Americans (Indians if you will) think of this flag? Just sayin.
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