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  1. Thank you. I'll try to figure out where to find the spin rate stats. I'm dumb, so this may take a minute, lol.
  2. Is there anywhere i can go online to get spin rate statistics? I've recently become interested in this and was curious if any stat provider includes this.
  3. Wait, wait .. hold on.. Don't put that on me!!! lol I want them to go 162-0; I'd be happy with 81-81; we NEED to sweep this series before we go to NY. lol
  4. Thanks Hongbit. Glad to be back. Will try to be around more often. Here's to hoping for a .500 season. lol.
  5. I don't know where else to put this; it's been a while since I regularly posted ... but ... what's up with Anthony Fenech's mustache?
  6. I want to know what Mr. Myatt was doing differently in 1924 ... very suspicious!
  7. Hi guys. We will win tonight. See, this is Friday night. And i'm not drinking a beer. Uncharted territory, so we have to win. You are welcome.
  8. On my PS3 Road To The Show season, the Tigers traded me to the Chicago White Sox. Oh, also, I have a slightly damaged PS3 for trade or sale. Hit me up.
  9. I miss getting these from Rog every year. Be it here or facebook or wherever. Cheers, my friend. Wherever you may be.
  10. Johan Franzen continues to cash paychecks without working.
  11. Booing in spring training? Who do Tiger fans think they are? Yankee fans? Ridiculous.
  12. Post of The Year, posted in spring training. Well done, Bert, Well done.
  13. Being new here, i was implementing the "Dennis Gets Lost" scenario
  14. Thank you, all. Yeah ... we have been taking pictures non stop, so we will have all these little quirky things she does on film. Her yawns kill me. I've never seen anything cuter. I'm in La Verne, California now, Drownwithyou. It's about an 1 1/2 from where you are (if you are still in Valencia).
  15. But wanted you all to meet someone very special to me: This is Charlee Elizabeth. She was born 10 weeks ago. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm also in California now. I miss you all, think about you guys a lot (miss the 2006/07 version of this board). Cheers, all.
  16. I really will miss Austin Jackson. I know he wasn't the greatest CF in the league, but I liked the way he played ball. He was a great representative of Tiger baseball. He was very much like Granderson, maybe not an equal, but he filled the role I think, well. We'll never have another Chet Lemon. We'll never have another Kirk Gibson. Baseball is an emotional game, even for it's fans. We become attached to these players, to these dreams. And sometimes the reality of these dreams are never fully experienced the way we'd have hoped.
  17. First aggravating inning of the season. Poor defense/lost my stream. I'm in mid-season form.
  18. I don't get paid days off ... but I TOOK tomorrow off. Yeah. It's kind of a big deal.
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