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  1. How is the lady in green just casually reaching into her purse instead of either protecting herself or trying to catch it? How unimpressed is the family in red? Very. They are very unimpressed.
  2. Right? Not to mention that I might get mistaken for an idiot anti-masker, when I am in actuality just an idiot.
  3. It looks like you are preparing to burn it at the stake. LOL!
  4. I own it on DVD but haven't watched them in awhile. Like you though, I can still quote it easily. "Oh, have we got a video?" "YES, WE HAVE A VIDEO!" "I think I'll record the dot, so I can watch it a bit longer"
  5. My nickname from my older brother is Neil because of this show. Watched it on MTV all the time.
  6. I've decided that I actually want walls that are in a constant state of motion throughout the entire game, in a wave pattern adjusting from 300 to 425 feet.
  7. We need new walls that move in to little league levels for us, and to the Polo Grounds for the visiting team.
  8. Interesting. Obviously his greatest value is as a starter, but I also understand why they would want to be cautious, even though he is not signed beyond this season.
  9. I actually have enjoyed watching the starting pitching, for the most part. I've been impressed with the working ahead in the counts and keeping pitch counts down. I do wish Skubal had taken a bigger step forward, but I'm not giving up on him yet. Also, really nice to see Fulmer's velocity back and Boyd not giving up 3 HRs per game..
  10. And Bauer respected that response. I want to hate Bauer, but I just can't. For me he straddles the line of lovable-ahole just perfectly.
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