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  1. Hey, he beat C-Mo and Rajai Davis by a mile in the "former Tiger OF turned announcer" competition. That Rajai Davis game was sooooo painful. LOL! Seriously, I thought Jackson was just fine, though I am actually not all that easily annoyed by announcers. There are ones I hate (Tim McCarver), but most don't bother me.
  2. Went to the Mud Hens game last night and it was like a who's-who of "oh yeah, we still have that guy in the org!". Got to see Stewart hit an inside-the-park HR though. That was exciting! JaCoby also had a couple hits, but he was only hitting .220 coming into it.
  3. My in-laws live in SW MO and we have plans to go in mid July. We mostly just float on the lake and keep to ourselves when we are there, so I am not overly concerned especially since all four of us are fully vaccinated. Still those reports will make me a little more cautious while we are there than I am now at home (in Ohio).
  4. It's going to just get worse. Ohio will be legalizing it soon. I expect it won't be long until nearly all states have it, because no one will want to let that revenue out of the state.
  5. Yeah, Manning, Skubal, Mize and two bullpen games is not sustainable. I don't think Turnbull or Boyd are expected back anytime soon, so no relief in sight (pun a little bit intended).
  6. The site is just getting in alignment with all of the Detroit area sports teams.
  7. Love the accountability check! Thanks man! I'm still (mostly) playing everyday. My chord changes have gotten much better. I started using Justin Guitar lessons, and the one-minute changes practice really helped. I still haven't really played a song all the way through, which is kind of a problem. Instead I keep bouncing from riff to riff. I can recognizably play Seven Nation Army though, even with the power chord on the riff! LOL!
  8. Agreed. Regarding Reyes, I've never been able to wrap my head around how he has so little power for such a big guy. It makes absolutely no sense to me and I don't see the point in continuing the experiment much longer.
  9. How is the lady in green just casually reaching into her purse instead of either protecting herself or trying to catch it? How unimpressed is the family in red? Very. They are very unimpressed.
  10. Right? Not to mention that I might get mistaken for an idiot anti-masker, when I am in actuality just an idiot.
  11. It looks like you are preparing to burn it at the stake. LOL!
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