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  1. https://twitter.com/moritz_weasley/status/1367978279865643008?s=20
  2. I think you may be seeing the influence of the analytics and other changes playing bigger roles for the first time. Tigers slowly catching up andthis may be the first draft that it really became apparent. My glass half full outlook.
  3. If I had to choose between Collins or People-Jones to stay or go I would want Collins to stay.
  4. Rumor that Terrance Williams may commit to UM tonight, 6'6" can play the 3 or 4.
  5. Patterson looking good after a rough start although the first pass to Collins was right on the money.
  6. Yes and yes, then add in PSU re-emergence and the Nassar impact and MSU is back to being MSU pre RR/Hoke & Sandusky/PSU issue.
  7. Hunter Dickinson. 7'2" center, announcing his choice today. Speculation has UM in the lead spot for this top 50 recruit.
  8. Harbaugh isn't going anywhere. Michigan fans need to realize the football team is not elite. It has NEVER been elite it has always been good and occasionally better than good that is reality for UM fans. Split championship in 97 and the late 40's prior to that iirc. He comes to UM when the rival IS one of the elite teams in all of CFB and has been for ten years now. We will see if Day can keep it going Urban style or if it slows down as Urban's players leave. Harbaugh has a chance for his 4th 10 win season in five years but yeah, lets fire him.
  9. He beat MSU? i wasn't aware they had played.
  10. Well, he has as many wins against UNC as Tom Izzo does.
  11. True. I am hoping this is nothing more than growing pains from a new system and the turnovers will decrease as they get more comfortable.
  12. Good win by UM today in the opening round of Battle 4 Atlantis over ISU. Not a great performance by UM but they found a way to win, I like what I am seeing to this point from the team and from Howard. They face UNC tomorrow at 1:30. Franz Wagner made his debut, showed a decent stroke from 3pt and was better handling the ball than I thought he would be, especially for 6'9 guy.
  13. Last time they won a football game? September.
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