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  1. Then, I ask you ... why was this specific criminal violation not included in an article of impeachment. Why soft pedal it with the "abuse of power" -- which pretty much all presidents have done, or "obstruction of justice" which would have gutted Executive Privilege?
  2. And the crime here is? Specifically? Unpresidential behavior? Yes. Unfair play? Yes. But a criminal act? I defer to you.
  3. Not a Trump supporter. But I am more disgusted at the people who blindly attack the character of people who are Trump supporters, as if the only reason you could vote for him is that you are a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe who wants to be a Nazi. And I am more disgusted by the Fourth Estate that has cast aside any sort of impartiality to rassle in the mud with the Cheeto-in-Chief. And I am most disgusted and disappointed by all these professional career politicians who, with all their experience and skill, are getting shucked and jived by this New York City embodiment of Flem Snopes because they can't get past the fact that he won. I mean, Kim Kardashian has done a better job of manipulating the President to get something done than the entire Democratic party has. (What could have been a Second Era of Good Feeling was ruined by the vanity of the collective Beltway, who after three years hadn't figured out that all they had to do was make Trump think it was his idea, and they could have him eating out of the palm of their hands.
  4. Then that should be the criticism. He sounds like a fascist. Not some lack of applauding that shouldn't have occurred. I am equally weary of both Trump and his base and the people who throw every nonsensical bit of feces to the wall in the hope that something sticks. There's so much **** all over the place, who even cares if some stayed on the wall at this point. Worst case scenario, Trump is gone on 1/20/25. But rage-induced ****-flinging as a political tool is just gettin' warmed up. Even worse, impeachment as a means to an end -- deciding a president needs to be impeached and then subsequently focusing on the finding of a high crime or misdemeanor that will let you to do it -- is a greater threat to our country than that Game Show Host could ever be. And I know y'all have a list of all the horrible things Trump has done that makes him impeachment-worthy. But you need to ask yourselves why none of those reasons can be found in those weak-*** impeachment articles.
  5. OK. But I'm nowhere near as interesting as I used to be.
  6. Is it normal for Top Commanders to applaud their Commander in Chief? Is applause standard military protocol?
  7. C'mon. Bobby Cannavale deserves better than "Gyp Rosetti from Boardwalk Empire."
  8. I just watched The Irishman. I thought it was great, but it could have been a lot tighter. Everything after Hoffa died and the wedding seemed extraneous and anti-climactic. A major studio would have made Scorsese lose at least an hour on that 3:28 runtime. I think he could have brought it in at 3:00 and improved it.
  9. That's why you keep your spokescharacter on a permanent retainer. It appears Dos Equis did not learn Verizon's lesson. And the Dude mispronouncing Artois made me laugh out loud.
  10. Public or leakable? Anything you put to paper is leakable. Anything you speak may be leakable, what with smartphones that record. What we're really dealing with is the end of privacy. And we gave it away.
  11. It's my understanding that these statements were not public, but rather in leaked emails. I have not been following closely though. However, Engler had to go sometime. If the board wanted him out earlier, they could have quickened the pace of their search for a full-time president. I do hope the new interim president has a thick enough skin to handle the criticism that will inevitably come his way. Nonetheless, John Walsh appeared on The Simpsons, and has done endorsements, as well as made a good living hosting America's Most Wanted. So the notion that people enjoy the spotlight that comes following a personal tragedy is not entirely depraved.
  12. It's easy to come down hard on Engler, because he is just so damn unlikeable. But somebody had to come in and not give the university away. I think Engler was going to take this bullet for his alma mater all along. The university needed someone in charge to negotiate a settlement that wouldn't bankrupt the university and play the role of bad guy at the same time. Engler was the interim president. He wasn't staying forever. Him being there one day after the settlement was announced was due to the lethargy of the Trustees who needed to do a proper search for a replacement for Lou Ann Simon. His departure will be the bellwether between the old MSU and the new. And Mosallam's hyperbolic comment about Engler's reign of terror is an insult to anyone who actually lived under a reign of terror. I for one cannot wait for Mosallam's reign of incompetence to come to an end.
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