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  1. He didn't sign Alexander, 23rd-round Draft pick, opts not to sign | tigers.com: News
  2. Starting a draft thread because I couldn't find one. The Tigers have just under 6.5 million to spend and pick 20, 39, and 58, which is their best portfolio in years. It should be a good opportunity to replenish their system.
  3. Big outing for Crosby. If he looks good, they may see him as the lesser of evils when it comes to replacing Fister.
  4. I'm really excited about this. Not as much for what the ap can do now, but because I'm hoping at some point they ad streaming radio and streaming video. Right now as far as I'm aware you can't listen to the live games on an ipad because of compatability issues. And I'd consider paying for a vid subscription if watching eventually became as easy as MLB's ap.
  5. This is something you probably already know, but his price tag is big enough money that if he signs we probably won't hear till right before the deadline.
  6. Am I correct in thinking that Jeremy Clark's greyshirting makes him a part of the 2013 class and this thread?
  7. I like that the National Anthem takes place before games because it reminds me I'm a lucky guy to be placed in a situation where my full attention can be on a game for a few hours. I like a little patriotism because we've got a good thing going and I like feeling part of the larger community that makes it happen. At the same time though, I think anytime a group or a person starts to force patriotism it's not patriotism anymore it's a negative thing that I don't want to name because I don't want to be inflammatory. It's sort of like an otherwise great guy trying to *make* a woman love him (or switch the genders if you like) whatever comes from that is not love and is just a creepy thing that takes away from the whole love idea to begin with. As far as confronting people about their (lack of) patriotism: I also think the whole forcing people to give respect is about the easiest way to lose respect there is, and ostracizing someone simply because you served them before kinda invalidates the idea of service altogether. That said, I have nothing but respect for current and former members of our armed forces. Previous to my current career, I spent about 6 years as an apartment manager, a job which really let's you get to know who people are, how they live, how they conduct business, and how they treat their neighbors. I always worked a bit harder when trying to win application approvals for former military personnel because they were such good residents: time and again I noted how helpful, punctual, honest, organized, and concerned about their communities such people were. If my experience is any guide, I think the best way for former members of the armed forces to get respect from the people around them is to just be who they are. It might not work on everyone but I don't think forcing the issue helps either.
  8. It must take an amazing level of insecurity to be such a loser as to go out of the way like this and harass a 17 year old boy over where he wants to go to college. That's just poisoning Auburn's trees kind of stupid.
  9. There wasn't really anything interesting to report, just talked about his game prep efforts for a couple sentences.
  10. Do you have a link for this? Because listing to a recent episode of Kevin Goldstein's BP podcast, he specifically talked about how that year Padres management had narrowed it down to Weaver, S. Drew, and Verlander for one overall, but they all wanted over slot. Matt Bush's people contacted ownership, said he'd sign for slot and thats why he was drafted.
  11. For what its worth, Olney went to Vandy and loves to talk up his guys. That said I hope scouts really do feel this way.
  12. I think if there was more upside before this people wouldn't care. At this point though it's just looking like they'll overall spend less money on the draft than typical, and than other teams, and it's more that overall strategy I'm against.
  13. It's sort of like how winning 3 dollars off a 1 dollar lottery ticket is awesome, but only winning 3 dollars 3 times and nothing else when you've bought 50 tickets is not awesome. Of course the lottery is a bad overall investment. Maybe the Tigers see this draft this way and are thus spending as little money as possible. It's a curious decision to make though since DD always talks about "building through the draft."
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