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  1. Blown 3-1 series lead... you love to see it.
  2. Its that time again, hope everyones doing well.
  3. Merry Turtle day! You guys stay safe out there.
  4. This is the bracket I submitted for the NHL challenge: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/brackets/539681
  5. The Vegas Golden Knights have more Stanley Cup Finals appearances than the Toronto Maple Leafs since the 1967 expansion.
  6. Yeah its mainly just lurking nowadays. Ill always be around in one form or another.
  7. Merry beat down day. This thread is now nearly as old as the original title.
  8. No, they restarted the clock after the ball was set for play but incorrectly omitted the 10 second run off. The officials stopped the play to do a review in the last 2 minutes, and overturned their own call, just like the Lions game.
  9. Heres video of the same situation, except in the first half. Officials review with :39 left in the first half, overturned, no run off. https://streamable.com/rn589
  10. Lions drive start times for the drives that eventually tied/took the lead: 9/11/16 Colts led 35-34 with :37 left 10/9/16 Eagles led 23-21 with 2:34 left 10/16/16 Rams led 28-21 with 14:05 left 10/23/16 Redskins led 17-13 with 1:05 left 11/6/16 Vikings led 16-13 with :23 left 11/20/16 Jaguars led 19-16 with 13:24 left 11/24/16 Vikings led 13-10 with 5:02 left 12/11/16 Bears led 17-13 with 6:59 left 9/10/17 Cardinals led 17-15 with 14:16 left
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