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  1. What if Obama wore a tan suit for his birthday??
  2. Cases actually dropped in today’s report compared to Friday’s. From 750/day to 651. Didn’t really expect that.
  3. This goes to the point of needing to get as many vaxxed as soon as possible. While it is still keeping hospitalizations down among the vaxxed, the delta is much more transmissible. It’s a race against time that we are losing.
  4. This more proof on how vaccines work, but the fact that it’s that transmissible - does that mean the mutations are slowly wearing away at the vaccine’s effectiveness?
  5. This isn’t good. In between this and the Delta variant seemingly spreading more among the vaccinated, this is troubling.
  6. Madrigal was a piece in the Kimbrel trade. Wow.
  7. Yup. The whataboutism has grown to hypothetical levels.
  8. Isn’t it wild that this isn’t even really considered a bombshell anymore?
  9. Can things like this move the needle (pun intended) at all?
  10. Can you imagine being around all four of these crazies at once?
  11. Are the Twins banging on trash cans in the dugout?
  12. If I’m the next tiger hitting in the home run derby, Joe is my guy lobbing those baseballs to me.
  13. Good god. We are going to need 6 more runs in the 9th.
  14. I think I could have hit that meatball change out.
  15. What an amazing at bat for Baddoo. Even if it’s ultimately a groundout. Months later, I’m still astounded by his approach after not hitting above A-ball.
  16. Polanco should probably quit baseball after looking that bad against Derek Holland.
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