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  1. 432 cases/day over the last three days. It’s definitely not trending in the right direction here, but hopefully the vaccinated will keep it from being where we were a few months ago.
  2. I’ll be honest that I didn’t follow the NHL much last year, but wow. This is a completely baffling trade from Carolina’s end.
  3. This has been fun, guys. This is usually when things are in full tank mode so I could get used to this again.
  4. What an absolute ghoul. Just a vile person.
  5. I remember him. 2nd round pick. His one and only MLB game was erratic to say the least. Hit the first two batters and ended his career with an ERA of 67.50. When he was drafted and I was younger, I thought every high pick was going to be a star. He at least made it further than Kyle Sleeth.
  6. Rain shouldn’t be around much longer. It’s a heavy, but thin line.
  7. I love how Jen responds to Doocy’s dumb questions day after day.
  8. If he “wouldn’t be in a law firm”, what does that say about Trump picking a qualified candidate? There’s a little bit of space in between not being good enough for any law firm and the Supreme Court.
  9. Nice! I was mildly disappointed we didn’t take Meyer, but was much happier after landing Madden. I’m excited to follow them.
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