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  1. Not sure why they didn't just go with Spiders, other than it doesn't end in "dians."
  2. Alex Nedeljkovic talks to the media after trade to Detroit. Turns out he's lived in the metro area for the last 10 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW13-UFVd3o
  3. Sounds like he wants to be here as much as we want him to be here.
  4. Right, otherwise you end up drafting Matt Anderson 1-1.
  5. Holy ****, did this really happen?
  6. Moeller and Carr were both HCs during Anderson's tenure, too. Having nothing to say is never a reason to stop asking questions for news orgs who are interested in a story.
  7. So you're telling me Mantha had one great game and a dozen crap to mediocre ones after that? Who could have expected that?
  8. Is that you, Foxy?
  9. Hasn't the conventional wisdom on Stafford always been that he's a QB who needs a strong, talented cast around him to succeed? And if that CW is inaccurate, why did the Lions have so little success during Stafford's time here?
  10. The Lions basically bought a future 1st round pick for the cost of one year of Goff, which seems to me to be bordering on felonious. If Goff pulls a Breeze, it could be as close to a Herschel Walker deal as any team could hope for, and if he isn't that guy, they can dump him for whatever after next season. I don't see the downside here. I'm with those who'd like to see the Lions trade out of the 7th pick to acquire more draft capital, and focus on rebuilding the defense.
  11. Right, and that's magnified even more when you factor in Stafford's injury history the last few years.
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