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  1. Lived there for awhile, but not from there, also not dead (yet)
  2. If Verlander has done peds it just means he was willing to sacrifice his testicles for us, even while dating Kate Upton. Can anyone think of a more selfless act?
  3. Good timing, my phone just sent me this news notification as I read this " With this investment, the company has raised a total of $139.5 million since its launch in 2016 and is valued at roughly $500 million after the new raise, according to sources familiar with the deal. Why it matters: The Athletic is considered an anomaly in digital media upstarts because it's focused on subscription revenue rather than advertising revenue. Investors say they remain bullish on the company's ability to keep growing, because it's been able to grow its subscriber base quickly, especially overseas, while retaining existing customers."
  4. Here's the official list of Tigers currently on the 40 man that I like: Matt Boyd Miguel Cabrera Isaac Paredes As you can see, the idea that I don't like anybody is completely false. Will any other players earn their way onto my like list this season? Doubtful. But I'll give an outside chance to Stewart Jiminez, Cameron, and maybe some of our pitching prospects if they get called up.
  5. I would only be real pissed if he signed that contract with the Tigers
  6. The Tigers should hire Hawk Harrelson. The games are going to be miserable to watch anyway, and the suffering he'd endure trying to be a homer for this team would be just punishment for him.
  7. I hope nick goes to San Francisco so I can troll about his stats having to play offense and defense in that park. He thought comerica was bad lol
  8. Royals locked up Trevor Rosenthal with a minor league contract. If only we'd given him an extension when we had the chance
  9. I'm ready to drink whatever kool aid gets me out of this thread
  10. Realistically osu recruits like Alabama and we don't. As long as they have good coaches and better players it's going to be tough beating them very often. There's no excuse for a performance like last year though. Make them beat you with that talent, don't lose it for them.
  11. Ohio State has the best defense in the country and a better QB than us and a better RB than us Other than that I don't see why we wouldn't win
  12. It's too bad the Wisconsin performance was so poor. Good chance we'll be 9-2 going into osu with one loss being a dropped td in a night game @ psu That one awful awful performance really puts a damper on what could otherwise be a good season. At least until osu kills us
  13. I hope the Tigers don't run out of room on the 40 man
  14. Dear God, not the 2019 Tigers leader in relief innings pitched
  15. Real patriots support domestic violence as long as it helps their team win, only 10% of people will be brave enough to like or share this! Honestly my first take was that he was being sarcastic because the guy blew the save, otherwise he's just a lunatic
  16. A bonus to the too many men on the field call, earlier the Packers had 13 men on the field in formation and were allowed to call a timeout, they got a drive ending sack on the next play.
  17. What can you even say, the NFL is a disgusting racist, rigged, league, led by kleptocrat sociopaths who should all be executed. Until that happens, nothing will change.
  18. And also that he was very good more than horrid
  19. Called a TD on the field and way too close to overturn, so I'll expect it to be overturned
  20. Could he? if so that seems insane, given the Lions history with challenging plays called scoring plays on the field
  21. Not having control sure, but the defender is pulling his arm down before the ball gets there. What's the point of making PI reviewable if the refs don't enforce it?
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