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  1. The Tigers may have someone in the rounds 10-20 they want to go over slot for. They can spend up to $125,000 on each of them without going over slot, but if they need to pay, say, 150K they need to have slot money available.
  2. Smith, the 3rd rounder, is listed as a 4yr Junior. I suppose he could go back to school, but it's hard to see where he has much leverage.
  3. Dylan Smith 3rd rounder, plus a handful at 10-20.
  4. I hesitate to post this because I hate the gif.
  5. Madden (1s), Mattison (4), Kohlhepp (5), Murr (6), Hurter (7), Marks (8), Burhenn (9), Rothenberg (12), Haase (17) have signed Tweet from Carlos Collazo
  6. I'm guessing Callis means Mattison signs for $400k, not 400.
  7. I got the impression Madden would be one of the last to sign. I was wrong.
  8. Down on the farm, Campos went 1/5 today with 3 Ks. His one hilt was a 3 run HR.
  9. Roberto Campos started in CF today for the FCL Tigers West. He went 1 for 3, with a HR. I believe this is his first AB in organized baseball.
  10. I believe the Tigers 2021 limit is $6,431,000. Here is a tracker https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/international/
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