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  1. Because the Tigers have such a great track record trading for prospects.
  2. The year that every American car went from single headlights to double was 1958. Later, I bought a 59 Ford as a used car. Therefore, I think that oncoming car on the road is a 59 Ford, but could be a 58. The red car about 3 cars down from the camera with the gull wing design is a 59 Chevy, I think. The blue car closest to the camera is a 56 Chevy, I think.
  3. I don't care whether they play the anthem or not. I fear that the people who wear flag themed underwear will view this as a test of patriotism.
  4. I'll let you know how mine goes. My wife and I are 75+, so we start February 15th. We're in Yamhill County. I expect chaos getting an appointment.
  5. We borrowed a generator during a 4 day power outage this fall because of wild fires. Since then, I've purchased a generator. It's enough to run a small freezer and a small refer. My main issue with a generator is that you have to store gasoline, which goes stale after a time.
  6. I have prepared (mostly) for a major earthquake. It turns out we're due for one in the Pacific Northwest. The last one was the year 1700*. and they happen every 500 years or so. They tell us that we have a 20 percent chance of it happening in the next 50 years. Plan on no power for 2+ weeks, even if you don't have significant damage. There will be massive loss of life on the coast. No power means no water, since I'm on a well. I have purchased a 325 gallon water tank to supplement bottled water. I bought a potable generator. I have some small solar panels for cell phones, etc. We have a supply of MREs. More importantly, I have a good supply of wine. Of course, if our house is sufficiently damaged, we're just a refugee anyway. * The Japanese have records dating back to 500 AD of tsunamis, so yes, they know one happened in 1700.
  7. After learning of Azar's, um, error our governor (Oregon) said all school staff will be eligible immediately, people 80+ will be eligible starting on February 8th, 75+ will be eligible February 15th etc. So, if I can find a line to stand in, my wife and I will be in it on February 15th.
  8. Two 75+ people in this household. That puts us in 1b, but this state is hardly into the first group so far. I'm hoping for late February but afraid it will be late March. I'm certain I will get the disease the day before I'm scheduled for a vaccine.
  9. I read an article in WaPo last night that said the National Guard was activated, and they would not be armed. They would be assigned traffic control and similar tasks to free up the DC police.
  10. I think you can add Colorado to the list. Politically and culturally they are part of us.
  11. If Bauer signs for more than $50 million, the Reds would get a compensation pick before the Competitive Balance round, so the Tigers and others would all move down a notch.
  12. Under the 2017-21 CBA, six clubs will be awarded picks in Round A based on a formula that considers winning percentage and revenue. Those six teams will pick in Round A in 2017, 2019 and 2021. The remaining teams -- estimated to be between six and eight -- will pick in Round B in those years. The groups of teams, which will not change for the duration of the 2017-21 CBA, will switch picking in Round A and B in alternating years based on their initial assignment of round in 2017.
  13. I think competitive balance A and B swap positions each year.
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