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  1. I've hung out with Biggs..Yoop TTF..ya never know..
  2. They scored last year..Iowa can be vulnerable to speed..everyone can.
  3. Man this needs it's own thread...blue on blue crime..I've read about this..
  4. Title insurers in talks with lenders on foreclosure warranties « HousingWire Like I've been saying..
  5. Mantei and Avery were both at the end when signed..
  6. Leave him alone, he's on a roll..next, he will tell us the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  7. obviously your not an analyst...that only leaves fan..
  8. Every week is ILL season..they should be sky high..they are already coming off a huge road win..I dont care how down PSU is..winning in Happy Valley is a big big deal.
  9. yeah..nice committment...speaks for itself...call it whatever you want.
  10. Correct..Lewis will play a lot also as will White..
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