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  1. I find the addition of Tom Veryzer to this list funny. When a franchise's rebuild bottoms out and they have a worst in baseball type bad year there is usually one awful regular that reaches humorous levels of ineptitude. As the 68 team aged and retired in the 70's they finished last every year it seemed like from 74-77. Tom Veryzer was the everyday SS in 77 and hit like .197/230/250 for a sub 500 OPS for the year. He did steal a bag though.
  2. The Tigers have 2 positional players originally signed by them on the 25 man right now, Greiner and Harold Castro. They are 28 and 27 year old back ups. And the only homegrown prospects knocking on the door are top 5 overall picks. The best of the rest have either potential and no track record or a decent track record and iffy tools. This is year 4 of a rebuild and that is awful. If there isn't much progress this year among the higher ceiling prospects then a change has to be made (it should have already been made but that's a different story). I suspect that the Tigers record will be a bigger factor in whether or not AA stays or goes however.
  3. I am not defending the cops decision to pull the trigger. I would chalk it up to fear not being trigger happy though.
  4. Here on Monday morning with multiple camera angles we can see the kid dropped the gun. But I can understand if the cop did not.
  5. A cop should never shoot a perp, unless he feels his life is in danger. Which in this case is reasonable since the perp was running from him with a gun just after shots were fired. Why is that hard to process?
  6. Is that what you see? The cop just starts shooting? He put his life on the line to chase a guy with a gun who may have just killed someone and reacted poorly when the kid turned and faced him. By your rationale the cops would never chase a potential criminal unless they personally witnessed the crime.
  7. Maybe if the two didn't run he could have asked them.
  8. Shots were fired and someone carrying a gun is running from him. I don't see how that makes any difference.
  9. While i didn't remember the rolling stone cover, looking it up it was the year following his rookie of the year season in 1977. He was an unknown to start the year in 76. He made the rotation and by May he was pitching well. His antics started getting attention and drawing huge crowds in Detroit. Word started getting out and after the late June Monday night game against New York he was a national star. I was 10 that year and he of course became my favorite player and still is to this day. The Tigers were bad that year but between the Bird, Leflore and Rusty Staub it was one of my most memorable years. Probably second behind the 1984 season. Zumaya was special but doesn't compare at all to Fidrych IMO, nationally or locally. Attendance went from like 10,000 to 35,000 in games he pitched in Detroit. Opposing teams would call the Tigers and try to get Houk to pitch him against them when the Tigers visited. He started the all star game, back when it was a big deal, and was rookie of the year. The Tigers were on local TV back then and only showed about 40 games a year. I believe they rearranged the TV schedule to show his games. I doubt a story like that could happen today. He was so genuine and that which made his story so compelling would be ruined by the constant media coverage.
  10. I think you guys are talking about 2 different issues. Rebuilding is natural progression of events when your teams veteran core players are declining and the farm system cannot support continued winning. The payroll has been stretched and the team is going to be bad. So a new core needs to be brought in and the team focuses on get younger and developing a new core. Long term contracts are avoided during this transition as to not saddle the future team with an overpaid player should the contract go bad. Players with current value may also be dealt for future value. With rebuilding there is a plan. And then there is being cheap. The plan is to maximize profits. I personally think they are trying, they are just bad at it. The payroll has been around 20 among all teams the last 3 years, which isn't too bad considering the lack of cost controlled talent they have on hand. The question is will they spend when the time comes?
  11. I brought up Sherzer because he is more similar to him than Verlander, whom others were mentioning, among former Tiger pitchers. I said they both have plus fastballs, for different reasons, but they are both are plus. A fastball grade is a combination of velocity, command and movement, basically. The reason i mentioned the movement on Sherzer's fastball was to differentiate it from Mize's. And Sherzer has an elite secondary pitch, a change. Mize a splitter. Sherzer had control issues also. You could do worse for comps.
  12. Mize can hit 97 with his fastball and sits 93-95. The 2019 BA handbook after the draft graded it as a 70 grade pitch, which is elite. It's 2 years later and they grade it a 60 now, and not coincidentally they downgraded his control as well. Max had issues with control while in Detroit as well and got demoted for a while in like his 3rd year in the bigs. It took him a few years to have the control he has now. They have similar velocity on the fastball and an elite secondary pitch. Sherzer has ridiculous movement on his while Casey could locate his better. Not exact comps but not too far off, and better than Greg Maddux.
  13. Not every rebuild is the same and the Tigers situation in 2017 was about as bad as it could possibly get. They had an aging overpaid roster unable to win, a bunch of bad contracts going out several years, and one of the worst farm systems in baseball. It was clear that this was not going to be a 3 year rebuild and then back to winning without extraordinary luck. I'm not defending Chris for his spending or lack thereof, but he was paying Miggy, Zimmerman, dead money to Verlander and even Fielder for the last couple of years. They were going to lose 100 games with or without Fulmer for a couple years so it made perfect sense to trade him for a package that would pay off a couple of years later. Now that it has been 3.5 years it's time for results. Most of the bad contracts are gone, they have 3 top 5 draft picks, and a bunch of trade bounty. I wouldn't trade a top 23 year old pitcher today. Heads need to roll if they don't start showing improvement.
  14. Keith Law posted a question on his chat the other day where someone asked that in this day and age that aside for short periods of time, how can one team maintain an edge in areas, like for example increasing velocity, on so many other teams? Why wouldn't teams that aren't able to do that hire some of those instructors? Law's response was basically some teams don't want to spend in those areas and if they do stumble across someone who does give them an edge they can't keep them. These are mostly the same teams that are using the pandemic as an excuse to trim staffing levels even further. I don't have proof, aside from their horrible track record, but the Tigers must be one of the teams that haven't been spending on their development staff. Their approach was to spend big in the draft if they deem a player worthy, up until slotting, and then draft older prospects who are further along. Let the colleges develop the players for you and spend on the major league team. They also weren't spending in internationally. The Tigers and AA have made a big deal about how they are modernizing the player development program, let's hope they are also spending on instructors as well.
  15. I think what he said was what most people expected would happen. They aren't ready to win so it doesn't make sense to be adding long term commitments right now. They'll add a couple of second division free agents, a pitcher who used to be good, and wait for the prospects to develop. I think it's too early to draw conclusions on Chris's willingness to spend just yet.
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