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  1. Steven has been out of action since late June and ended up having surgery. But before that, he had a tremendous season.
  2. We have one in Muskegon. Since we had July 4 off, a friend from work, her kids and I went to see the Tu 3esday night 2 for the price of one on July 3. We saw Madagascar and Brave. Movie started about 10 pm, and the kids were out by the end of the first movie. It was about 2:30 am before we got home, but it was fun reliving childhood memories. I remember going with my parents as a child. All I really remember is my dad cleaning the windshield before we left, the kids equipment I played on (in my pjs of course) before the movie, and rushing back to the car for the premovie cartoons thatl would play before the adult movie that I would sleep through in the back seat. I always got excited as a kid when I would see dad cleaning the windshield of the car, because the only time that happened was when we were going to the drive in.
  3. Michael Steele (former Whitecap pitcher) is pitching coach (or manager??) for the Pitsburgh Pirate team for GCL. Their game was cancelled and they were on their way back home (right toward the hurricane) and the bus broke down an hour down the road. I was happy to see that they finally gSot fixed and on their way. Stay safe all of you in Florida
  4. ahh yes, Charlie and his mustard. When he used to come to the Whitecaps, he and I never agreed on my having a hot dog with just ketchup
  5. both Tigers and Whitecaps swinging the bat tonight. Whitecaps are ahead 6-0 after one inning
  6. that is 5+ hour bus rides. I am doing my best. But had to give up my season ticket this year, so can only get out to the games that I can get to.
  7. Steven is a totally different player than last year. He is on a 10+ game hitting streak. In only 13 games with the Whitecaps, he has had 20 hits (4 doubles, 1 HR and 8 RBI), and has a .400/.455/.540 line. The thing that impresses me the most is that while, yes, his strikeout number (7) is probably higher than it should be, he has already had 5 BB's on the season. I am very impressed with the job this young man is doing for the Caps this year. He is showing patience at the plate and it is paying off. He is second in the league in hitting 4-10-12 Whitecaps Steven Moya bywhitecapwendy, on Flickr
  8. I watched mine have an at bat with the major league club and get a hit--a double. not bad.
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