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  1. I see you all are all high fiving over bad polling and Trump "insiders" complaining about the debate. Funny, this is 2016 all over again. Any cursory review of the polling shows that they have completely asinine distribution, and they aren't getting nearly enough of the rural vote. But most pollsters don't care, they just want a sample size. That's what happens when you have grad students doing your work for you. Too bad it's not representative and it makes the polling complete crap. Trump is up 5-6% in Ohio, 3-4% in Iowa and 2-3% in Florida and NC. He's not going to lose Arizona, but McSally is likely going to lose in a close race. It's tied in PA and MN, and Biden has a 1-3% lead in MI and WI. That's what the polling shows on likely voter samples with good distributions. Voter enthusiasm is off the charts for Trump voters, and barely registers for Biden. And Trump spent all debate putting a wedge between Biden and the far left, so Biden is not getting better in this regard. Don't get me wrong, it's close, just like 2016, and still plenty of time for voter fraud and October surprises. But this will be decided by 4 rustbest states. Everything else is pretty much locked up at this point.
  2. There's nothing left to tear down. Avila already imploded the **** out this organization. At this point you can go either way with Boyd, trade him if you are blown away, and if not both he and Fulmer anchor the 2022 rotation. That is the first year we *might* actually be competitive again with some luck, and Boyd would be a good asset to have then. If he is traded, that puts Avila in a position to need to sign at least one quality SP in 2022, which is not an enviable position. So he has to land something outsized relative to Boyd's value, or he is better off to just let Boyd lead the rotation until he reaches FA.
  3. Hire Luhnow... now. today. this second. It's the best FA acquisition we can make over the next three years, perhaps longer. Even knowing he has to sit out the next year, it doesn't matter, hire him. He is everything this club needs to lead us back to contention, which is never going to happen under Avila.
  4. If the Tigers want DD, there's only one man (and his wife Sparky) that can bring him back. Triple Se7en.
  5. I suggest you read up on what the Nazi ideology actually is, because you are wrong. That said Hitler murdered a lot of people, but no where near as many as the Marxists have.
  6. Then I'd say it's unlikely that you are in the KKK. If I have called you a member of the KKK, I apologize. But I haven't, so there's that.
  7. The difference is that I have said nothing that insinuates I'm a Nazi or dislike Jews. You have been espousing Marxist ideology here for years. I don't mind whatever labels people want to pin on me, but I'm not going to stop pointing out that your ideology makes you a Marxist and your self-righteousness is empty.
  8. I didn't attack anyone. I was asked a question and answered it.
  9. I'm sure you would be glad to eliminate all dissension from your echo chamber.
  10. I was engaged to a a wonderful Israeli Jew. She was fantastic. I have wonderful Jewish friends. I consider Israel to be our greatest ally. But you can say about me what you like.
  11. People are what they are, I'm not mincing words to make people feel better. People who have exposed their Marxists beliefs, are in fact Marxists.
  12. You are a valor thief. The actions of your parents or grandparents doesn't justify your belief system. The WWII generation were not a bunch of Marxists.
  13. That's funny. I saw something on Twitter yesterday about the look that any white guy will get the next time he goes into Home Depot to buy one of those bamboo torches. That was good, I wish I could find it.
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