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  1. According to dictionary.com, the sixth definition for livid is: deathly pale; pallid; ashen So maybe this unnamed source was actually referring to Inge being terrified of getting cut from the team, or something like that. I mean, sure, livid is typically used to describe anger and rage, but I think it's a bit presumptuous of us to assume that this unnamed source was intending the most common definition of the word.
  2. I'm slow today. Didn't get this until the third time reading it - but then I cracked up laughing. Good one.
  3. And sometimes you get the wrong results. After all, even the best doctors are human. They're not right all the time. And how are you supposed to know if you have the "right" doctor? Are there signs above each doctor's office that list all of the people that that doctor is the "right" doctor for? The right doctor for one person may be the wrong doctor for a different person, for a whole host of different reasons. Sorry, but there's a lot more involved than just finding the "right" doctor, even if it were possible to easily determine exactly who that doctor is. And what's the deal with comparing an injury you had 25 years ago to the condition you are in now? How is that relevant to the Tigers' players? Do they have 25 years to recover from their injuries? Perhaps the condition that you're in now in regards to that injury is the same as how you were 24.5 years ago, I don't know, I just found it odd that you compared a really old injury to your current condition to demonstrate your point about finding the right doctors.
  4. My AAT has had a very rocky start this year. He's holding opponents to a .071 batting average...but he's giving away free passes left and right as evidenced by his alarmingly high 2.00 WHIP. I'm hoping that he can remember how to find the strike zone once he returns from the DL, and once again be a great pitcher.
  5. I have no idea. I've tried each of the following on my computer and didn't have any problems: Internet Explorer 6 Internet Explorer 7 Firefox 3.0b5 Firefox Opera 9.5 beta Opera 9.27 Maybe it's not his browser exactly, but something wrong with his computer that is causing problems in his browser? Hard to say. Hopefully Jon will be around these parts soon and can chime in and let us know more info.
  6. Ah-hah! I've been trying to figure out what on earth Jon was talking about when he keeps talking about them multiplying. Must be something like you described, because I'm certainly not seeing whatever it is he's talking about.
  7. See my post somewhere above. You're using a small size font in your sig lines. If you were using a regular size font your existing sig would be more than 2 lines. Try shortening one of the lines and it should work.
  8. Ok, I figured it out. My 2nd line was too long to count as just one line. I shortened it a bit, and now it's giving me 3 lines.
  9. I had that thought too, but according to the Subscriptions page a regular membership gets you 3 signature lines while each of the 3 paid memberships get you 5 signature lines. It's not a big deal at all, I was just curious. Thought maybe I had forgotten how to count or something!
  10. I did have a few great ones. Only a few though. Introduction to Statistics (at Ferris). Interesting subject matter, excellent professor (Nathaniel Tymes). Contracts and Sales (at Ferris). Interesting subject matter, excellent professor (Gayle Lopez). Advanced Systems Design & Implementation (at Ferris). Class lectures were mind-numbingly boring. The general idea of the class was to work together to create a software application that could be used in real-life. It was a good class because I got to work in a group with 3 other guys and we created something extremely useful that could have been used at the college to streamline the student tech support department. They didn't actually use it though - it would have put some people out of their jobs. Arguably the only IS class I took at Ferris where I felt I personally got something out of the class.
  11. There isn't one particular one that stands out as worst of all. The bad ones that come to mind at the moment: -A Spanish class I attempted taking at GRCC. It was an intro-to-Spanish class. Supposed to be for students with absolutely no knowledge of the Spanish language. The professor walked into class the first day and proceeded to talk for 5+ minutes in nothing but Spanish. It didn't get much better after that. I tried to keep up, but had to drop it after the first couple of weeks because I didn't have nearly enough time to figure everything out on my own and then study and memorize it all as well. Seems to me that if you're teaching students that don't know any Spanish you should probably do most of the explaining in English so they can understand what you're saying. -An Economics class at Ferris. I forget now if it was Macro or Micro or both. Anyway, I thought I was interested in Economics before I took the classes. The instructor demolished my interest rather easily. I think she was very educated about the stuff she was teaching, but her teaching was extremely dry, bland, boring, etc. One of the worst classes I took, and solely because of the instructor. -A Systems in Business class at Ferris. I already knew everything that was taught in the class before I took the class. I wasted a lot of money and hours for that class, all because it was required for my degree and no way to test out of it. To make matters worse, the classroom temperature was always about 10-15 degrees colder than all of my other classes, so not only was the class ridiculously boring it was also very uncomfortable.
  12. Done. On a side note, what I have now in my sig is only 2 lines, right? So why when I try to add a 3rd line do I get an error that says I'm only allowed 3 lines in my sig? Is it supposed to say I'm only allowed 2 lines?
  13. I've heard Dan Dickerson describe the Thome Shift many times. He doesn't explain it every time - maybe not even half the time - but enough that you'll figure out what it means if you listen to their games regularly. Frankly, I don't want him to describe it every time.
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