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  1. Me neither. If you want to keep things shorter, go to 12 inning max during the regular season, and call it a tie after that. Do a points system to figure out the division winner, like hockey. Two points for a win and one point for a tie. No innings limit in the playoffs.
  2. Big Robbie. C'mon guys, all these homers are going to kill the rally.
  3. That has to be it for Joe Jimenez, doesn't it? Please tell me it does...
  4. As bad as he was here, he never gave up and he never stopped looking pissed off when he struggled. I appreciated that. I always got the impression that he was angry he couldn't contribute. It's not like the Player's Association would have even let him renegotiate or give back the money if he wanted to do that. They probably wouldn't have even been happy with him if he had retired with a year left on the contract.
  5. At this point, I don't think Miggy is going to bounce back, even to the level that he played at last year. It's not surprising, but it is sad. I honestly think his best bet is to give up on trying to be the hitter he was and just cheat on fastballs and get pull happy trying to hit the ball in the air. He'll strike out a lot, walk some, and hit around .200 with some homers. That seems like it might be best case scenario at this point.
  6. I have been incredibly patient with this rebuild, but...
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