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  1. Watching Urena and thinking that when Mize and Skubal and Manning's innings limits all start factoring in, it's going to get ugly. We may end up with a pretty good draft pick yet, and this year, we'll actually have seen some prospect progress. Best of both worlds, but holy crap... I have no idea who is going to pitch. Brad Penny? Mike Pelfrey? Ryan Carpenter? Jason Johnson? Randy Wolf?
  2. I think that when you're as talented as some of these guys are, you get away with being sloppy for a long time and it's hard to drill that stuff in later.
  3. I reckon we're eventually going to be wishing he looked that good.
  4. Coming back from the commercial, Norris looked like he was ready to hang 'em up and head out to the beach.
  5. This park, man... lazy outfield practice flyballs turn into home runs, just like that.
  6. Well, that worked. Got any more venom for the cause?
  7. No Champ Summers? No Brian Downing? No Gates Brown?
  8. My wife likes to set her full beverages on the arm of the couch. I don't need that kind of danger, myself...
  9. The lead-off graphic is starting to grow on me. I saw Grossman was 13 off the bag and that Green wasn't paying attention and I had a feeling he had a shot.
  10. Mize has not had his best stuff tonight but it's still been more than good enough. Having a bit of good luck, too. It's early yet, but I am feeling better and better about him as the year progresses. I think he has a really good shot to be the ace. Aces find a way to get it done, and he certainly has.
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