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  1. Solid Piece to the puzzle. If he's your 3rd or 4th best guy you are in a good spot.
  2. Just keep tanking until you can get Jabari Parker in 3 years.
  3. It just doesn't make any sense - does this team/gm just lack self awareness as to where they are right now?
  4. Should have gotten in on the strength of the nickname 'wahoo' imo.
  5. I think a veteran contending team could use him in the right circumstance.
  6. I think Prince still has value depending on situation.
  7. Until the team is sold, I don't see an end to this purgatory
  8. Kemba Walker has a lont of combo-guard in his pg play. The only PG we want is Kyrie Irving, aka Chris Paul Jr.
  9. Bonderman, an injured reliever?
  10. I would have never stopped reffing soccer. Probably could have been doing semi-pro games by now if I'd stuck with it. The extra income is nice and it's a fun outdoor job - minimal paperwork and such.
  11. Greg Oden, Kousa Koufus...Jared Sullinger...Proceed with caution is all I'm saying. We'll lose by 7 tonight. Pau gasol will probably have 20/15/5
  12. Why'd we sign a dead WWE wrestler to a 3-year deal?
  13. All networks are interested in that PR aspect of it, espn, csn, vs. The teams can't broadcast without the networks, networks can't get viewers without the teams (sans the yankees and yes, which is beyond brilliant, but also even more of a pr gloss over). Doesn't matter if they mentioned it or not, we all know what happened and can discuss it without media filter.
  14. Hopefully last night is the straw that brings the camel down. We haven't committed to rebuilding in any sense of the word, it is astonishing. I think some of it stems from the ownership limbo, but nonetheless, as pretty much everyone on the board says all the time, play young guys, see if there is any talent and start over. RIP and Tayshaun had great runs in Detroit, no one is holding anything against them, it's just stale at this point. Trade Stuckey too if you have to, of all the young guys, I think it's clear he is a productive nba player, but not dwyane wade pt II like Joe D had hoped for out of college.
  15. Wow, tay missed a wide-open guy under the hoop from the OB play. Ouch.
  16. Just gamble on them. Then you can root for them to win and have a reason.
  17. If we could get him and Monroe on the front line, I'd take that in a second. It would at least be interesting, even if completely unsuccessful in the win column.
  18. There is no limit to A) how bad we could be this year B) how bad this team could be to watch this year. I'm a fan, but expectations should be low (very low) for good reason.
  19. we should trade for that Jacobs guy
  20. Whatever the Royals GM has been doing would probably work for me
  21. The Pistons are my favorite organization in sports, but there is not one team in the NBA I'm less excited to watch play this year then this group of assembled talent.
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