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  1. I was just saying we still had a chance because we were played another bad team. And it almost worked.
  2. I think we should dump on Baddoo for not diving for the ball! 😏
  3. Seattle is just as bad as we are. And they bat something like .208 as a team. And Kyle Seager just let a grounder go right through him.
  4. How about these Tigers keeping up the fight!
  5. Baddoo was well short of the ball because he went in like he did. If he dives, he might have made the catch. Going in like he did, he had no chance.
  6. Come on. We’re not talking about running to first. We’re talking about catching a ball. Different objectives requiring different approaches.
  7. Tell you what, though: Baddoo leaves his feet, we’re going into the bottom of the 11th down a run instead of how ever many we’re gonna be down.
  8. And there’s two more. Ah, well, if you’re gonna lose anyway, so what if it’s by a ****-ton.
  9. Looks like the point of failure has arrived.
  10. Disagree. I believe an average outfielder going the same speed to the ball as Baddoo and who leaves his feet for it gets his glove down there in time for the catch.
  11. An average outfielder would of dove for that ball.
  12. Claimed to be headed to Trump’s rally in North Carolina.
  13. I haven't laughed this hard since I first read about the Laffer Curve.
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