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  1. It would have been a better plan had they had top hitting and pitching prospects matriculate together across several seasons, bolstered by solid free agent acquisitions, competent trades that at least break even if not win, and cutting-edge development personnel who can get solid contributions from down-round selections. Then again, getting all that in place would require demonstrable front office competence. Can't have it all, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. You asked for some evidence and I provided it. I’m not an investigator who needs to establish a prosecutorial standard before I am allowed to make public statements on the topic. You are free to hold me to that standard and dismiss my statements if I fall short of it. I will say this: based on Trump’s established history spanning the past four decades, based on the businesses he’s been in and the people he has been known to associate with, it is my opinion that it would be more surprising if he did not engage in blackmail on a continual basis than if he did. Again, feel free to dismiss that opinion. I won’t take it personally—even if you want me to! 😝
  3. Mize had a 2-0 count and a three-run lead. He had a ball to give so didn’t have to challenge the hitter on that pitch. I’m guessing he just missed his spot on one of the edges of the zone.
  4. When Mize walked batters in the fourth and fifth innings, I don’t recall Morris saying it would have been better had Mize given up a homer instead. Sounded to me like Morris was providing some cover for a fellow pitcher who grooved one by mistake.
  5. There’s this: Mika Brzezinski-Trump row: White House accused of smear threat http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40458145 And this: https://www.cnn.com/2016/03/22/politics/ted-cruz-melania-trump-twitter-donald-trump-heidi I would think a lot of other blackmail attempts are carried out more by his henchmen than by him himself, the same way mob bosses don’t carry out the actual murders of people. And I would think successful blackmailing rarely comes to light because of the embarrassing information at hand. As far as the guy himself is concerned, I do acknowledge that extortion appears to be a club he wields publicly more than the blackmail club.
  6. Neither giving up a homer nor giving up a walk late with a short lead is good, but giving up a homer cuts into the lead and giving up a walk does not. He’d already given up two other walks before that and neither runner scored.
  7. I can’t think of any cases where giving up a home run is better than giving up a walk.
  8. Man, I hope Haase can get one more crack at Kikuchi. He’s seeing him pretty good.
  9. Making Kikuchi work hard in the first inning is paying off with good contact.
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