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  1. I guess it depends how you define inner circle, I guess. I don’t think there’s much question he’ll be a first ballot inductee. That feels like inner circle to me.
  2. So you think this team would unceremoniously dump their inner circle Hall of Famer and eat the final $62 million on his contract? No bye or leave? Just “get out and don’t let the door”? I would be entertained by that.
  3. You’re right, we don’t. That’s why I didn’t say he definitely would never, ever accept it.
  4. The Willi Castro play is the one time when it is acceptable for the batter to slide head first into first base.
  5. We can only hope that MIggy sees the wisdom of accepting a move down the order, but there is a very good chance he never, ever will, and then what? If Hinch makes a show of force of it, it will almost certainly backfire on him as far as the team and a good number of fans are concerned. He's going to have to figure out how to use soft power and probably get Miggy to see it as his idea of sacrificing for the team, though that may not work, either. About the only other way I can think of where Hinch can successfully force the change on Miggy is if the idea gets "anonymously leaked" to the press, Miggy throws a public fit about it that blows up in his face, the fans and the team turn on him over it, and that's A.J.'s opening. No guarantees it plays out like that, though, either.
  6. I believe Miggy is the kind of prideful man who, if he were to be moved down to 6th or 7th in the order, would go into an funk about it and would let it drag down whatever performance the team could get out of him. A.J. surely knows a batter with Miggy's profile doesn't deserve batting in the heart of the order, but he's probably giving Miggy a Miggy pass, and even as a logic-driven guy with zero inside knowledge of the dynamics in that clubhouse, I don't think that's necessarily the wrong thing to do. Sure, it's easy for us to say but just look at him, he's terrible, bump him down, he deserves it. That would probably work in OOTP with morale switched off; it might not work so well in a clubhouse of flesh-and-blood emotional human beings, many of whom have looked up to Miggy since they were children. My guess is that A.J. is, for the moment, sucking it up and sending Miggy out there hoping we get more Junes than Julys out of him in return. Given where we are in the rebuild, there's no there there in forcing Miggy to do something he absolutely doesn't want to do. Maybe A.J. will figure out a way to get Miggy to agree to take a move down in the order for the good of the team, but based on what little we know about Miggy, I would guess that's a super tall order. As long as Miggy is not on the IL, it wouldn't surprise me to see him batting 3 or 4 certainly for the rest of this season, probably for all of next season, and maybe even into 2023, at least to start with. Maybe if the Tigers are seriously contending for a playoff spot in the second half of that last year, if Miggy is an obvious drag on that, that would be the only circumstance I could see A.J. forcing Miggy down the order against his will.
  7. I haven’t heard any unfounded allegations that the Tigers have sign-stolen their way to a near-.500 mark … well, not since April, at least.
  8. I’m not a Pollyanna about all this, I think you know that about me. But I do wonder whether it’s possible that a pandemic of the unvaccinated, killing tens of thousands of red hats and their family members over the next several weeks, might be enough to break the spell the fascist right wing has on these people? Maybe the sudden realization that they’ve been lied to from jump on the whole COVID thing will snap them out of it? I know that’s a morbid thought on a few levels, but still, it generally takes such a cataclysmic event to really change things. Could this possibly be one? Because if something like that doesn’t do it, I can’t imagine what would.
  9. I don’t think it’s a stretch to call the Tigers the hottest team in baseball.
  10. And it's Democrats who want to turn this into a nation of immigrants, instead of a nation of Americans, so they can kill off conservatives by disease. Also brilliant. Sometimes the simplest stories are the genius stories.
  11. And the Democrat/Communist/MSM Complex is lying that unvaccinated people are getting COVID, when in fact it is vaccinated people getting Vax Disease. Pretty brilliant. I could see certain congressional Republicans embracing that one.
  12. The widespread knowledge that approval is merely a bureaucratic rubber stamp away will make it that much easier for the unvaxxed to reject the vaccine even after: "Well, obviously, its approval was a political ploy, and not actually based on any real science. Duh."
  13. I'm trying to figure out how Trump/Tucker/Republicans are going to blame Democrats/Biden/Pelosi/etc. for the spike in COVID cases and deaths in Trump-voting states and counties. What do you think they'll say? Democrats sent all the vaccine to Democrat areas and kept it away from conservative areas? Democrats used black flag media messaging to fool conservatives into not getting the vaccine? Vaccinated Democrat operatives deliberately exposed themselves to the virus and traveled to conservative areas in order to wage biological warfare against conservatives? Democrat operatives cosplaying as doctors and nurses are killing conservatives who come into the hospital with COVID and then blaming their deaths on the disease? Help me out, people, nothing's too outlandish here ...
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