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  1. I think that this conversation could be interesting in a few weeks. The tigers have such a week schedule the rest of the month that they could be tempted to stand pat with some of their assets.
  2. With 2 td throws and a rushing td stafford was outplaying sanchez in the jets game until he got hurt. He looked good in both games after missing the 5 games.
  3. Haren has said he would have to consider coming to a contender on his no trade list so he did not say flat out no, he wouldn't go to them. He obviously wants to stay out west, but it was the same deal with Jake Peavy and the Chicago White Sox last year and they were able to convince him to come. I just hope they can get a deal done a few days before the deadline to have an opportunity to work things out with him and so that if he does reject the deal, they would still have other options to pursue.
  4. I never advocated for Theriot, but your use of BR's WAR makes guys like Stephen Drew and Ryan Theriot much worse than FG's version, that's all I'm saying. Stephen Drew ranking 5th this year among SS in WAR using FG metric vs. 17th using BR's metric for example. Theriot is having a pretty bad year this year compared to his last couple, but a WAR value of 3.2 and 2.4, which is what he's done that last two seasons according to FG is better than we've had at SS the last couple of years by far. Santiago has a better WAR value this year, but it's also a career high, some say not to look at just one season's WAR value and this season is only half over anyways, so it's probably not fair to just look at this half season to judge.
  5. Chas, You seem to like to throw BR's version of WAR around while completely ignoring FG's version. Probably because BR makes your argument better. I don't think it's fair to just look at BR's version of WAR. Also, if you like UZR as a defensive metric, as Lee stated, FG uses UZR in it's WAR calculation while BR does not apparently.
  6. Chas, First of all Hanley is on my list, so Drew is indeed 4th overall in OPS. Second, where are you getting your list for WAR? Fangraphs lists Drew's WAR as 1.9 this year and 5th overall, not 17th. Also, Drew's fielding metrics are all above average as well. I'm confused as to where your numbers are coming from. http://http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=ss&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=y&type=6&season=2010&month=0
  7. Stephen Drew has a career 108 OPS+ against RHP, so he at least would make a good platoon player, perhaps long term with worth against lefties. Also, this is the top ten OPS for shortstops this season in the MLB. He's having a better year than most SS this year hitting wise, which I think says a lot about the position as a whole this season. Look how far Jeter has fallen.
  8. The latest from Scott Miller from CBSsports.com
  9. If the Yankees were to get Cliff Lee, what about the chances of the Tigers nabbing Javier Vazquez? He certainly has experience in this division.
  10. According to ESPN, Galarraga would have had the second most efficient perfect game of all time, having gone through 27 hitters on only 83 pitches. Addie Joss in 1908 did it on 74 pitches and he and Galarraga would have been tied for least strikeouts in a perfecto with 3.
  11. One thing that's been concerning to me, and I mentioned it in the game thread earlier, was the significant decrease in velocity by Max Scherzer so far. Eric mentioned that it's probably not worth being concerned about until about June, but I figure its something we can keep track of. According to Fangraphs coming into this game 5 starts 27.2 innings: Fastball Velocity: 91.8 mph Slider Velocity: 83.3 mph Changeup Velocity: 81.7 mph Last year's averages: Fastball: 93.6 mph Slider: 85.0 mph Changeup: 84.3 mph April 2009 averages 5 starts 20.2 innings: Fastball: 94.2 Slider: 84.4 Changeup: 84.8 mph The reason I'm including April of last years numbers from fangraphs is because Dickerson and Price were talking during today's broadcast about his velocity and how they were saying they thought he was still building arm strength as the new season progresses. I wanted to compare to last season to see if it was an issue last year too and it looks like it was not. In today's game according to brooks baseball his fastball averaged 90.85 mph on 53 pitches. Without getting into rate stats this early in the season, I thought it would be worth discussing this velocity so far this season and to see if and when it is worth being concerned about.
  12. If anyone can pm me with a link for a stream of tonight's game, I will be in great appreciation!
  13. with my pick, I choose fellow Spartan Drew "crazy legs" Stanton. Pic and info to come.
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