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  1. I'm not interested in evaluating your predictions for next week as if they're facts.
  2. you can search for the last time you posted detnews, we talked about it extensively. I honestly don't really care if you post detnews but don't expect me to treat them like someone who hasn't been caught lying. The free market will cease to be the all-savior if consumers treat companies putting out crappy products the same as companies putting out good products, and you know how much I care that the free market remains the all-savior.
  3. also the detnews is very untrustworthy. We've already gone though prior fake news articles they wrote on this topic.
  4. I think it was because the event was a Fox News only event.
  5. are you sure it's to ensure a minority seat, or is it to ensure only ONE minority seat?
  6. you seem to be suggesting that mask mandating wasn't performative but based on actual circumstances, and also that bitching is performative and not based on actual circumstances.
  7. they worked with project veritas on that too, shocking
  8. yeah auntie nancy said yesterday that's exactly why they are keeping their rules the same.
  9. I know it's really hurtful for you guys that Biden's CDC didn't contradict itself over the course of a week, but there's no need to take your anger about it out on me. All I did was show pretty clearly, definitively, and decisively that they did not contradict themselves over the course of a week. That's misdirected anger guys.
  10. mash that ignore list button It's not childish to point out hyperbolic/performative claims about the cdc guidance. I laid out every single aspect of the argument including what was said. It's childish to call other people childish for calling out obviously hyperbolic/performative claims about the cdc guidance. It's also childish to appeal to some sort of principle..... sometimes.
  11. so they still didn't say the exact opposite last week. They didn't change proscription for unvaccinated people whatsoever between weeks which would be consistent, not exact opposite. Or, say the opposite of exact opposite?
  12. Fact 1: CDC says vaccinated ppl can gather indoors without mask. Fact 2: Poster asks if they said exact opposite last week. Fact 3: Exact opposite of vaccinated ppl can gather indoors without mask is unvaccinated ppl can gather indoors without masks. Fact 4. CDC did not say unvaccinated people can gather indoors without masks last week.\ Therefore, CDC did not say the exact opposite last week. No twisting. 4 straight up facts. Poster in fact 2 clearly attempted to twist words of the CDC. Clear use of performative/hyperbolic language, easily demonstrated.
  13. I can wait for you to point out where it says masks are for show since you said it exactly said that. Shocking you're here twisting words (AGAIN) and the word twisting police are nowhere to be found. Maybe it's yet another biased police force
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