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  1. Not well remembered, but Herschel Walker once said he was diagnosed with "multiple personality disorder", now called dissociative identity disorder. https://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/conditions/04/15/herschel.walker.did/index.html
  2. Definitely a top 5 band for me. They have really good albums after their jaunt into electronic **** too. All that you Can't Leave Behind and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb are reminiscent of Achtung to me. Achtung is gold. Good to see them get some love here, usually they get ragged on.
  3. They should have Generals Patreus and/or Powell be advisers too.
  4. I hope you figure it out in the meantime I'll leave you take it up with the dude that argued a request was necessary for an apology
  5. Good thing no one said you did hoss notable that you don't require a request for an apology in order to not apologize. Nice standard you set for others that you don't adhere to in your posting.
  6. I'm not particularly sure why there needs to be a request for an apology in order for me to declare I will not be apologizing. Maybe I should have been more clear but what I'm trying to communicate is I don't give a flying crap if someone requests an apology or not, they will not be getting one from me. That's why I didn't mention anyone requesting or expecting an apology from me b/c I don't care if they do or not.
  7. Maybe that you literally made up that there was a request for someone to apologize is where you're not clear. Glad to help.
  8. It's clearly and obviously fake news that the discussion was only about DeVos (not that it matters). My decision has a lot to do with charter schools which was also being discussed - I mean literally someone asked what charter schools were. So to roll up like the the only conversation was solely about DeVos's political fortunes as it pertains to charter schools is obviously not accurate, and even if that assessment was accurate, it's a non-sequiter b/c this thread is literally not a subject-based thread, it's potpourri. I guess it's potpourri for everyone but me
  9. touche. I apologize for not letting you attribute things to me I didn't say, I'll do better next time should I also have you pre-approve my posts for appropriate level of sequiter-ness?
  10. I'm fine with you declaring that me talking about my child going to a charter school and me not apologizing for it is a non-sequitur in the discussion about charter schools. Declarations happen
  11. I specifically declared I would not apologize, and did not present any wiggle room in whether I'd be apologizing. I definitively will not apologize. Therefore, I am perplexed why are you asking me why I would apologize? I'm also aware of the macro vs micro nature, hence my invisible hand comment, which Adam Smith said would magically make the macro work out if everyone pursued their micro interests.
  12. https://twitter.com/CheriJacobus/status/1418039308427137029?s=19 Not embedded because of language but I chuckled
  13. https://twitter.com/CheriJacobus/status/1418039308427137029?s=19 Not embedded because of language but I chuckled
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