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  1. Powell says a Fed digital currency could undercut need for cryptocurrencies - Reuters WTF have any of those pukes ever got right?
  2. I've read a lot of sick $hit on this board, but this might be one of the sickest. I hope you are proud. Congratulations
  3. This is the problem - with everything. Too many want to look at ANY issue through the political prism and in turn, lose all sense of logic, reason, and common sense. Forget the "deliberate" BS and look at the facts. Forget what the political parties narrative is and look at the facts. Millions of people around the world died because of a virus. We don't know how it happened - and we should - as to prevent it from happening again. That is a fact. Start there.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but FB or TWTR isn't the best place to find any credible news about this (or anything for that matter). Again, maybe it's just me, but given the worldwide death toll, we should do everything we can to learn what happened as to prevent this from happening again. Will that be easy? Probably not. This is one of the better articles I have read on what may have happened. Origin of Covid — Following the Clues Again, maybe it's just me, but I don't have much confidence we will ever find the real truth, but that's not because we can't, but because there is too much corruption, money, and reputations at stake, along with our pure ineptness at about everything we do.
  5. Disclosure: Michael Burry fan Here is his 13F filing to the SEC - Scion Asset Management, LLC A little history coinciding with The Big Short theme; An article he wrote in April 2010 for the NYT about what would become "the big short"; I Saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didn’t the Fed? Which eventually caused a few problems for himself, as he spoke about in his ballsy commencement speech at UCLA in 2012. Dr. Michael J. Burry at UCLA Economics Commencement 2012 It would be interesting to dig though that filing
  6. This one really pissed me off. This is what it has all come down to. I've said for years the market is a giant casino - but never more than it is right now - and this tweet is a perfect example. Inflated valuations of stock prices is one thing, and their balance sheets can prove so - which means we should know "fair value." This $hit going on with Musk, Portnoy, the cryptos, Robinhood, spacs, etc. WTF? Sure, Bubblevision has paraded people in front of the camera on a daily basis over many years to herd in the sheep because they wanted to unload their positions - but this stuff is pure gambling. And if you are OK with that - fine. But this isn't how it should work. This isn't investing, it is insanity. And ****ing illegal.
  7. I think it's more than a whisper. What else are they going to do but print? It's all they know, and the Ponzi must go on.
  8. I remember watching this years ago. Thought they were nuts. Incredible Vintage Footage Shows Bobby Unser Climbing Unpaved Pikes Peak
  9. Transitory (on inflation) is the word from the Fed I might actually believe them this time, and I hate to believe them
  10. It gets better (or worse I guess) If you want to frame a wall, you need the one on the right. The "Top Choice" because the one on the left is a pretzel. The one on the right isn't straight, but at least it resembles straight. I paid ~$6.20 bucks for the Top Choice back in Dec/Jan. I remember those going for $2.50 - $3.00 several years ago when I bought some. Over the last 10 years they were in that price range if I remember right. Furring strips are the same way. Almost $3.00 ($2.78) a piece for a 1" x 3" x 8'. They used to be less than a buck a piece. Lumber prices are nuts. But so is everything else - even people.
  11. I was curious so I just checked my local Lowe's for the price of a unsanded 1/2 x 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. Almost $52 bucks. I paid ~25 in November, and ~31 in January (I think - too lazy to look at the bills - but close). Nucking Futs I stopped my project due to this ****. There is too much money with no place to go - and where it is going isn't good for anyone. This won't end well.
  12. The inflation arguments are fun to watch. We must keep up with exponential growth at all costs. Monetizing debt and all, but I digress...
  13. I used to have bond ladders setup for these bills. "used to" being the key word. You can see why I no longer do this. It was worth a nice little chunk of change each year at low risk and quick transition if liquidity needed. Thanks you bunch of money printing BS spewing pricks.
  14. To add; we only play the market on the way up. When it goes down - we get hurt
  15. Funny, I only checked in to comment on the price of lumber. There are traders making an absolute killing on this. It goes against the long term vision of investing IMO, unless you think the housing starts will flourish going forward for the next X years. My point being I don't expect this surge in prices to last. As the Fed would say "transitory" <giggle>. To be clear I'm talking about lumber prices. Once this inflationary data point cools down, it will finds it's way into something else. Volatility is profit. Wall Street, Hedge funds, private equity make money no matter what the market does - up or down. So much money sloshing around. The rest of us get the scraps as they deem fit. It will be interesting to see who gets the gold mine and who gets the shaft when this Ponzi blows the cork. Bernie Madoff just croaked not long ago. He got it. Used the Ponzi to enrich himself like so many others and don't get caught. $hit; he ain't even on Mt. Rushmore of the world financial criminals. And one of the founder of the NASDAQ. Think about that.
  16. Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops Sharply to Record Low, But It’s a Lot Worse than CPI Shows - Wolfstreet Ya think? After that large drop it has now went level. Hummmm........
  17. He's starting a hedge fund in ****. Jamie Dimon is still walking the streets.
  18. I'm paying $6.20 for an 8' x 2 x 4. Not long ago it was less than 5. 1/2 inch plywood non sanded (4' x 8') went from 25ish to 31ish in the last 4 months. Those prices probably change by location. I might be on the low end where I live. And there ain't a straight board in the building.
  19. I'm retired and have been working on a large home improvement project. The price of lumber is nuts - along with the other things you have on that list. At least to anyone paying attention. But we get this; Here’s where the Federal Reserve sees interest rates, the economy and inflation going - from Bubblevision At the top of the page they give us this; Really? What planet do you live on? They want inflation, and can't get it, while they bull**** us that we don't have any. That should tell anyone with two brain cells to rub together how FOS these people really are. Note to self - STOP OK
  20. Welcome to dirt track racing. The rules are pretty FU IMO, but they can make changes for next year. Funny listening to the tar guys complain about not being able to see. The dirt guys had some issues. Larson, due to engine change, had to start last but was in the top 10 before the first stage was over only to see another dirt guy (Bell) spin out right in front of him. He went 2 laps down (Bell out) but was running top 5 lap times with no body parts on the front of the car. He was probably right at home. Cool race, other than the tire issues. They announced they will be back on the dirt next year. They have been running all kind of events since they moved the dirt in. Next weekend is the World of Outlaw sprint cars with a invited field. That is the last weekend I think. They will also be the fastest of anyone. Their dirt times of the sprint cars are track records.
  21. People who have trouble starting their lawn toys - it's the gas. The ethanol in gas is the culprit, especially with engines with float bowl carbs. Either use an additive or spend some extra bucks and by aviation gas from a local airport. That fuel is higher octane and no ethanol - plus you SHOULD leave it in the tank, even over winter. A little more pricey but worth every penny. The machines will start and run like never before. And there is no substitute for horsepower.
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