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  1. I think I’ll talk to the mods to see if I can get my handle changes to Butt****er3000....🤣🤣🤣
  2. I’m well aware of Rs complaining about Obama’s EOs. We are continually fed stories and narratives about Rs in this light, yet we get quite little in regards to Ds in comparison. “Evil Rs / virtuous Ds” hypocrisy aside - Biden has a D controlled House and Senate, yet he is issuing EOs at a record pace with his own party’s (hypocritical) blessing - and lightweight coverage from media outside the NYT’s “we love you Joe but scale back a bit” editorial.
  3. Just as the majoity of Biden voters accept wokism and the poisonous effects it has on our society. Trumpers have a lot of ****ty traits, but let's not pretend Biden voters are examples of virtue...as this board likes to suggest.
  4. The vast majority of people who voted for Trump did so for reasons other than racism. I get it - it's easier to demonize one side than try to get into the weeds. That's an issue both the left and the right struggle with.
  5. Of course racist exists....just as being white doesn't automatically make one a racist. The term itself has become so broad and applied so freely that it's lost its actual meaning.
  6. In other words, "everything is racist". The cult of Trump and the cult of wokeism are two unfortunate side effects of the Trump era.
  7. What am I deflecting from? For the millionth time I'll say Trump is a pile of **** and he needs to go. Like it or not, he has policies lots of people agree with - and his fighting nature is also attractive to millions of people who feel like their voices are not included or mocked by traditional media outlets.
  8. I highly doubt your mom is a racist. The term itself has been twisted to include anyone who doesn't ascribe to wokeism.
  9. This is essentially the "if you're white then you're racist" argument that has emerged during the Trump era that people who distrust the left look at and shake their heads. It's my hope with Trump out of office, this line of thinking along with the cult of wokeism subsides.
  10. All Trump voters are racist -- got it. The D plan to "unify the entire country" under Biden is going to be spectacular with that line of thinking.
  11. Or it could be the definition of "racist" has been broadened to such a degree that anyone and anything can be called racist based on political agenda.
  12. Biden Promises Nationwide Mask Mandate And Womandate It's certainly made for some good satire!
  13. Trump's challenges to the electoral process are stupid, anti-productive, and damaging. He should accept the results of the election as-is. I am on the same page with the board when it comes to this.
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