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  1. Yep... The NFL ALWAYS ****s the Lions.
  2. They'll overturn this because it's the Lions.
  3. Wow...he almost had that long enough.
  4. Never replayed the Davis penalty....
  5. The inside spin move gave up contain.......bad decision.
  6. Did you take my advice and bet the BuddhaPlex on the Lions?
  7. I could play QB for the Chiefs when all my receivers were 5 yards open.
  8. Oh boy that would be great - if they got the #1 pick we could have another forum chock full of complaints over a perfectly executed tanking plan.
  9. Before Michigan State football can dream of Big Ten title, it must improve ... defense?
  10. How Cassius Winston plans to elevate Michigan State basketball to national title
  11. Well I was referencing Skubal but so far he's only eligible for the WAC or the Hayward, CA HoF.
  12. He executes the perfect tank and still gets no credit. ?
  13. Yeah, it's easy to draft Mize let's see him find value in a later round like the 9th.
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