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  1. Next year is going to be Chicken Alfredo baby!!
  2. Or if the NFL hadn't screwed us on the Golladay TD.
  3. Solid TO here. Let the D rest and regroup.
  4. If only Coleman could have held that.
  5. He was getting held before the catch.....but that didn't get called.
  6. I was thinking out of bounds when I said heave it.
  7. Mostly agree but I think he could have heaved the ball before he was sacked. I have been wrong at times though.
  8. Stafford's had a choppy day. Some really nice plays but a couple of dumb sacks and fumbles.
  9. Yeah.....just that little fumble and 14 point swing....other than that he's been great.
  10. But listen to all the "sane" people here.... We're homers. Same **** over and over and over the decades.
  11. that's not good for the shoulder.
  12. Another face mask. No call. They've taken the energy out of the team and the crowd. Mission accomplished.
  13. Like the Golladay call? It's just too predictable. The Lions will get screwed every time. Been that way for decades.
  14. I didn't watch much of the NFL last year and rarely if ever watch non Lions games.....and should stop altogether.
  15. And now they will give KC a TD here......the NFL will screw Detroit again.
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