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  1. It's always smarter to believe politicians, not your lying eyes.
  2. Just stopped by to drop a little reading off for my pals here. I now expect a raft of articles talking about how this is just "weather" as opposed to hot weather which of course is a sign of the coming end of the world as we know it.....and if that fails then we can expect articles educating us on the "science" of how global warming is actually causing this cooling. Enjoy my friend and be well. ENGLAND IS ON FOR ITS COLDEST MAY SINCE RECORD-KEEPING BEGAN BACK IN 1659 (DURING THE MAUNDER MINIMUM)
  3. Exactly - so now sworn testimony is "anecdotal". Typical that people deny the truth that the people they support are murderous ghouls. Killing healthy babies to sell body parts. At the beginning of this thread I took loads of abuse that the videos were "doctored" - so far I've not seen one person recant that criticism as EVERY thing they alleged has proven to be 100% true. I don't hang here for baseball or politics anymore because anyone that doesn't toe the liberal line is berated over and over. But then again what else would you expect from the party of "diversity and inclusion" - as long as you believe exactly what they believe. Now for more "anecdotal" SWORN testimony, not the BS you guys believe like "russian collusion" - how's that one holding up fellas? "In a new video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) Monday, Planned Parenthood officials give sworn testimony describing how abortionists alter abortion procedures in order to produce more intact human fetuses and, therefore, more usable fetal tissues and organs that can be sold for profit." https://thefederalist.com/2020/08/24/planned-parenthood-staff-admit-to-performing-illegal-partial-birth-abortions-for-better-tissue-harvesting/
  4. I'm old enough to remember when the Veritas video was "doctored" and untrue. Strangely once people are put under oath the truth sometimes comes out. So the butchers at Planned Parenthood DID sell aborted baby parts for profit. Twitchy thread
  5. lol, because we disagree I'm somehow "irredeemable"? The quality of information I choose to believe are the unaltered temperature records from the past. It amazes me that people here dismiss the altering of recorded temps as nothing - I compare that to the expected reaction from the same people if recorded baseball statistics from 60-70-80 years ago were altered to fit a chosen narrative. I recognize that no one will change their mind, not when those same people are 1003 days and 1270 pages into impeaching a President just because he won, while continuing to search for any reason to justify it. Russians, Mueller, Emollients, Biden staffers masquerading as whistle blowers, etc...... I was never a Trump fan as is recorded in this forum and I still think he's a puke personally but the 3 year vendetta against him is absurd. Shut up and beat the supposedly most unpopular President in history at the polls in a year. Problem solved. In the meantime Global Warming and the End of Snows continue to wreak havoc... Last year's extreme snowfall ruined breeding season for Arctic plants, animals
  6. No argument there. If you're an elite athlete in your teens and contemplate a future of riding buses while honing your skills vs having $$ in the bank and a pension earned when you're 25 - which do you choose?
  7. And of course no one ever said that. Hundreds OR thousands? Yep....and when it comes to MLB it only takes a fraction of that to swing the percentage from 12-18% to 7%. Hundreds of thousands is absurd.
  8. Those articles may not cite it but the reality is that the average age to make MLB is 24-25 years old. By that age you can be a 5-6 year veteran of professional basketball (more if you start overseas) and a 4-5 year veteran of the NFL. This after living a pretty luxurious expenses paid life (compared to MiLB) if you're a D1 scholarship player. If you've made one of the NBA/NFL and stuck then you're on your 2nd and more lucrative contract when as a MLB player you're just making your debut and beginning to work through your Arb years...and that's if the team isn't screwing with your service time.
  9. Baseball is only "whiter" if you count Latino players as "white". RE:the economic aspect Considering that many of those players come from dire circumstances I'm not sure of that either. If economics were really the driving issue would whites be over represented? They're not. I will grant there are fewer Black MLB players but I've attributed that to the perception/reality(?) of better opportunities to make money early in football/basketball. No matter the $$ issues the reality is there that many, many more college scholarships exist for football and basketball. MLB demographics are visualized well here: Chart of the Week: The Rise of Latinos in Major League Baseball and here: Baseball Demographics, 1947-2016 this chart seems to show that the percentage of white players has been pretty static for 20 years or so - Black players seem to be being displaced by Latino players.
  10. This is why your blog didn't catch fire, you need to speculate wildly. Something along the lines of - "my sources tell me that's Lynn Henning writing under a pseudonym" - even if your source is Biggs. That kind of writing and nude pictures of Jennifer Garner will get you traffic.
  11. My blog will say he's going to be the new Commissioner. The Deuce will be in the background as the true power though.
  12. I may start a blog so I can monetize wild rumors. It seems to work in many areas of interest.
  13. 2019-20 CBS Sports college basketball preseason awards: Our player, coach and freshman of the year It's not often that the player of the year and the coach of the year come from the same program
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