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  1. The Republican Party has been doubling down on nothing but the "stoke the base" strategy for so long (and part of that stoking the base strategy involved permanently alienating a ton of different demographics) that they've really boxed themselves in. Even if they can hold it together, their coalition of angry old white people is dying off. Even as Trump maxed out the base turnout in 2016 and 2020, it wasn't enough either time to come close to winning the national popular vote. Their only national victories are coming because of the way votes are apportioned, whether it be through the electoral college, getting two Senators from sparsely-populated conservative states, or heavily-gerrymandered House districts. Now that they've started losing educated whites as a result of Trump, they're really in trouble. Their conduct has been so unforgivable over the last 4 years, that I don't really think they will win all of those educated whites back, even if someone like Romney or Haley gets nominated. Their dilemma is clear: a) appease the Trump fanatics and continue to purge educated whites (including even those in the suburban South), or b) win them back by restoring order to the party and disciplining the insurrection sympathizers. If the Trump wing of the party continues to dominate its message and politics, they will lose Texas by the end of this new decade--possibly by 2024. If they discipline the crazies, the moderates who try to do so will either be a) ousted via primary, or b) fracture the party to the point that the crazies split off and form their own party. Keep in mind, they need the crazies to turn out big to even give them an outside shot at winning, so even a weak-hearted attempt to reign them in could depress turnout. They sort of have a choice between a slow death, and a quick death. If I were them, I'd choose a quick death, meaning you can attempt to rebuild sooner. I don't think anyone will go for that, though.
  2. Another guy from Michigan arrested. Karl Dresch of Calumet. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/01/19/feds-arrest-michigan-man-capitol-mob-riots-insurrection/4224979001/
  3. The guy beating DC Officer Mike Fanone with a hockey stick has been charged (unclear if an arrest was made yet). Michael Joseph Foy. He's from Michigan: https://www.thedailybeast.com/rioter-michael-joseph-foy-beat-dc-police-officer-with-hockey-stick-during-capitol-insurrection-doj-says?ref=home
  4. The CFD hat guy was allegedly the guy that threw the fire extinguisher that killed Officer Slicknick. This was the beating of a different officer (not Slicknick):
  5. Has anyone been following the identification of the insurrectionists on Twitter? They've been harvesting screenshots of a few guys involved with nearly beating a cop to death, and one of them was wearing a Michigan hoodie, (the one they are calling Fingerman--cause he was filmed giving the cops the finger) so maybe there's a slight chance someone on here could ID him:
  6. I don't know if comparing these two protests is apt. One was about a legitimate phenomenon (biased policing resulting in unnecessary killing of black people). Not every example BLM picked was a great example, but the phenomenon was and is real. Also, the BLM protests were planned to be peaceful. Troublemakers showed up nonetheless. As far as COVID goes, most BLM protesters were wearing masks, and the protests were outside. It turns out that these events did not turn into superspreader events. The intent of the Trump protests was to overthrow a legitimate democratic election. Thus, not only did they lack a legitimate purpose, they had a specifically malicious purpose. I get what you're saying, in that the barrage of false propaganda might have spurred otherwise innocent people into supporting Stop the Steal, but someone who works for our own military, especially in the psyop division, should know better. Maybe she did know better, and bused people there anyway, which would be even more inexcusable. If she never set foot in the Capitol, she may be legally innocent--but remember, encouraging, aiding, and/or abetting sedition is a crime in and of itself even if you don't participate.
  7. Huh. You would have thought that the better response would have been to arm the congresspeople, since that would deter the bad people with guns from coming in and using them.
  8. I don't post here all that often anymore, because I feel like politics are out of my control, so it's best to just focus on other areas of my life rather than to try and persuade people to change their minds about stuff. But I do want to say, this traitorous riot and insurrection is the culmination of 30 years of the far-right hate machine churning out propaganda that makes Americans hate their own government in the interest of "conservative" politics. You could see where this was going decades ago. It's certainly not the only thing ginning up the rage we saw last week, but it certainly was fertilizer for it. The mindless chants of "government is evil," and notions similar to Grover Norquist saying he wants to be able to drown the government in the bathtub, etc. were repeated daily for decades by fringe lunatics turned pundits turned cable TV hosts. At every stop, these sycophants were rewarded for their behavior, and at no time was there any pushback for what they were fomenting. If we're going to really move past this embarrassing stage as a nation, it will not suffice to just censure Trump and move on. People like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc. need to be removed from the airwaves. Free speech comes with limits, and people need to be held accountable for their words, and the violence they cause. If your words cause violence, you have never been free to use them in this country. If you think this view is extreme, just look at every single one of these insurrectionists' social media pages. They are filled with copied n' pasted fringe right-wing propaganda. Their minds have been completely taken over, and are no longer capable of independent, cognitive thought. Conservative propaganda, at least in its current form, is like a disease, and our nation's leaders need to start thinking about how we're going to vaccinate ourselves against it over the next four years.
  9. Might want to hold some of your cash in Yen just to mitigate some risk.
  10. Wow, this thread's been quiet lately. I've been searching for ways to explain this goofy stock market lately, and I found this. The Great Asset Bubble: I could have never guessed that the Fed's money printing could have caused such a spike in stock prices. I got out of the market a while ago thinking that prices couldn't go higher. Obviously, they could have. But I'm glad I have cash now. There was an asset bubble even before COVID, so the fact that stocks have rebounded to their pre-COVID highs, despite record contraction (yes record, even worse than the Great Depression) of GDP, is a sign of how crazy asset prices are right now.
  11. I'm super cheap with my monthly expenses. I pay $60/month for my cell phone, but get unlimited data and a 10 gig wireless hotspot. That's enough to provide me with home Internet, too, especially because I cast my Netflix/Hulu through the 4G connection and not the hotspot. It's actually $70/month when you add up all the taxes and the $1.25/month phone lease (lol), but most people are paying more than that for just home Internet. I do my grocery shopping at Aldi--especially now that we're in corona quarantine. Sometimes I've gotten too lazy to go out grocery shopping so I've went back to local delivery for a few days. All this home cooking lately has made me realize that I'm a better cook than most restaurants, so what's the point of paying $20 for one Grubhub meal when I can eat for 3 days on that with Aldi food. I own my car outright, so I have no car payments, and I barely drive it anyway. Even when we were not shut down, I took (free for me) public transit to and from work. Outside of rent, I'm paying less than $500/month for food, gas, utilities, car insurance, and phone. I'm both maxing out my 401k this year, and aggressively saving for a down payment for a condo (I've got enough now, but a little more won't hurt, especially with city condo prices expected to drop over the next 12 months). I don't like the idea of paying HOA fees, but I also really don't like the idea of taking care of a lawn or all the fix-it problems that come with a home. I know a bunch of people making more than me and somehow they have nothing to show for it. It's amazing the stupid stuff a lot of people blow their money on. I did get a very late start on my 401k though, so I feel like I'm making up ground rather than getting ahead. Too much school is a bad idea.
  12. I spent about $35 on the phone I have now, and unless it had a manual keyboard (which you can't get anymore anyways), I couldn't be happier.
  13. What a crazy time. Unemployment is still bad, the bankruptcies are starting to roll in, and yet the market's doing fantastic. Where is all this demand going to come from to pump up these profit expectations that are baked into stock prices? Or do stock prices simply have nothing to do with profits anymore?
  14. I've been busy at work this week, but I'll give it a read this evening. I never expected the market to act like this, so I don't feel too much like investing any time soon. This is casino-level stuff. You can't smartly invest when the market is driven by political engineering and not economics. I'm still maxing out my 401(k) contributions for the tax benefits and the partial matching, but as for my cash account, I'm just going to live with whatever high interest savings gives me for the time being.
  15. Especially if you're a hot woman for medical/pharma rep. But then you have to put up with all kinds of sexual harassment from the bosses/clients.
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