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  1. Compared to what we had in Detroit the last few years Mark Jackson is freaking Red Auerbach. I'd take him in a second. We're not in a position to be too picky.
  2. It's pretty amazing that in a year where teams are tanking and the Pistons are trying to actually win the Pistons are just as ****** as they have been for most of the last few years. Nice work Dumars. Now get the **** out of here.
  3. This might be silly but I was thinking recently of the disparity between the East and the West. One theory I have is that at some point (early 00's?) the East got stuck I a patter of having 4 teams that were generally good and the rest were piss poor. Teams under .500 making the playoffs. The West meanwhile was having .500+ teams sit at home and thus having spots in the lottery. To this day the West has teams 10 games over .500 that might be in the lottery. Meanwhile the teams in the East (perhaps our Pistons) sneak into the playoffs with a crappy record, get rewarded by getting to play the Heat and then drop all the way to the middle of the first round - year after year after year. And the West just gets tougher by having teams that are already pretty damn good in the lottery. Last year the Bucks finished 38-44 yet drafted behind the Mavs and the Jazz who had much better records.
  4. It's really scary knowing Joe Dumars can **** this franchise up even more over the coming days.
  5. Dumars is worse than Millen. At least Millen got Detroit Megatron.
  6. Making the playoffs in a ****** east does absolutely nothing for me unless Dumars is fired.
  7. Bill Simmons let Joe have it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7IzNQyqnlw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  8. Meanwhile Dumars is allowed to keep ****ing up this franchise. What a joke.
  9. This organization is a joke. I can't believe they have let Dumars drive it into the ground like he has. That guy can't be fired soon enough.
  10. @RealGM: Bucks To Acquire Brandon Knight, Slava Kravtsov, Khris Middleton From Pistons For Brandon Jennings -- http://bit.ly/13wKEBn
  11. Knight is in the deal per @WojYahooNBA.
  12. I'm a Creighton Alum here in Omaha. Doug is the real deal. The kid can shoot.
  13. My Man. Welcome back. Glad to see Dumars regretted the awful trade he made sending CB away (per the Yahoo article).
  14. I hate to be "that guy" but my interest in Piston basketball has never been lower. I used to watch/DVR every single game. Granted, we were pretty good so that helped. I have the NBA league pass to watch Detroit and I did not watch one full game this year. I just can't stomach seeing Dumars picking another head coach. If the ownership is okay with the apathy then so be it.
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