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  1. Oh, same. Except the running part. Lol. We allergy sufferers have been getting the side eye throughout this pandemic. Which I don’t really mind because it encourages people to stay away from me in public places.
  2. At least some of them were asymptomatic. One reported just a slight runny nose. Honestly not much info out there except what a few individual members of the group reported personally on Twitter and elsewhere. My husband told me that they are not going to be reporting on additional positive cases going forward. Unsure where he read it though.
  3. What I am wondering is what vaccine the Texas Democrats who have tested positive got. Studies seem to be showing that the one shot J&J is far less effective against the Delta variant.
  4. Oh Lord. Now we have monkeypox in N. Texas. Reportedly the smallpox vaccine is at least partially protective, so at least I have that. Y'all youngsters who never had to get this vaccine are on your own. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/health/very-little-risk-public-dallas-county-resident-treated-monkeypox-texas-person/287-f010d996-2c9f-4e16-b1ba-5119e568c0e3?fbclid=IwAR0hBLpNja3r1xtDKbCnahAVflnsEj0tBjDCtH7Wo7JkxhfonmZv3Re2EeE
  5. Just saw a facebook article promoting vaccinations at locations of a local fried chicken chain. I did kind of laugh about that one. Several local breweries and distilleries are having vaccination events and offering free samples at various times. Churches are hosting vaccination events, particularly black churches but some others as well. You can literally get vaccinated almost anywhere in my city without a wait except the fifteen minutes post vaccination. And in many cases score free stuff.
  6. I know that I'm still masking in most public places. The vaccination rate and the percentage of unmasked people I encounter in the stores right now do not correlate and I don't want those dumb dumbs breathing on me. Learned yesterday that a family member has tested positive. Kind of a niece (complex relationship). My first reaction was, "But isn't she vaccinated?" Nope. Not opposed to the vaccine, just had not prioritized it. Geez. You can get it anywhere down here. They are even doing vaccinations at the zoo, for Pete's sake. Every grocery store with a pharmacy. No reservations needed, just walk up and get poked.
  7. Oh yes. Select or all star tournament teams are a whole level more $$$. Not to mention the time commitment. One of my daughters was an all star softball catcher one summer. So expensive and we had no family life that summer. Burned her out as well.
  8. It is expensive even to have them on a recreational team. So much equipment is needed then the league fees.
  9. Honestly, any of them advertised for that use will get the job done. The primary ingredient is bleach. I have used just regular Clorox with success, but I like a more gel type product that sticks to the crud. Let it sit a bit, then scrub with a nylon scrubby or a brush. Rinse. Done.
  10. Have you seen statistics from a credible source, or are you just more aware of them than formerly.
  11. Have you seen statistics from a credible source, or are you just more aware of them than formerly.
  12. Have you seen statistics from a credible source, or are you just more aware of them than formerly.
  13. Weren’t there some issues some years back with military personnel being administered experimental vaccines against biological agents? Seems like it was the Mideast but I don’t recall specifically. I do remember that a lot got sick from that vaccination. Not that the Covid vaccine is comparable but it may explain some of the hesitance. Someone who has served active duty recently would have to say what the consequences would be for refusing a mandatory vaccination.
  14. I haven’t read every article and interview, but she seems to accept her responsibility and has not been whining about any kind of unfairness or persecution. Sure she is disappointed but so far she has been an adult with character about it all.
  15. Those "sovereign citizen," kooks have been around spouting the same nonsense for decades.
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