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  1. I know, the Tigers just recently switched to the AL from the NL.
  2. So many times, cruzer, teams have played "good" games without many mistakes and have lost. I'll take this.
  3. I'd love to have Reese in here. He's a good GM and I wonder why he hasn't gotten another job yet.
  4. It will be an interesting offseason to say the least.
  5. That's something the NBA should do. Considering their GMs are horrible.
  6. Good that this happened, but the Lions didn't start their hapless ways under Millen, it was just an extension of them (albeit they were, under his tenure, as bad as they've ever been)
  7. Truth be told I don't care either way. This team has problems bigger than coaching. If they fired Leyland I'd be a little sad, he was our guy in 06 and that squad was special, but if they can get someone in here who is a little more hands on, that might help. But I don't see this team as being held back in any way by Leyland. He's not a good manager, but there's worse. Boston routinely wins Championships with a terrible manager.
  8. Screw it, who cares? The Lions we've seen these first 2 weeks are most likely the real team -- let's bring in the tired, the poor, the yearning to breathe free.
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