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  1. I hope Weaver does the Yzerman route..... Take on a 1st rounder to take a crappy contract (even if we just let the guy walk right after acquiring him). I think we can do that for two guys with the space we have. Then use those 1st rounders when we need em in 2 or 3 years. Even if they are all backups. From my understanding, all we really need is a true Center? At least two years down the road from the team we have now. Under this scenario, in two years, we'd have 4 - 1st rounders to try and get it right..... Not a bad position to be in.
  2. That one handed grab by Bell today that was eroded by the penalty was the play of the game in my opinion. Better than JJ's throw. I hope he's ok. I was very impressed with him. Would like to see him out there more. Speaking of which, where was Mike Sainristal? I thought he was going to be a big contributor this year......?
  3. Gosh I hope you're wrong about that lol.
  4. Lets wait until this offseason before we go with that comment. Correa and who else will determine that answer.....
  5. You know your life is rough when your nickname is "The White Insult". I will never forget when they put Darko in for the last minute of the playoff game because they were up by like 15 or something like that.....
  6. https://www.canescountry.com/2021/7/14/22576592/exploring-carolinas-options-for-the-second-goalie - Also makes me feel pretty darn good.
  7. https://cardiaccane.com/2021/07/19/carolina-hurricanes-to-face-most-important-offseason-in-years/2/ - Looks like we just got their starting Goalie for an old guy that was going to walk and a 3rd round pick. Good Job Yzerman.......
  8. Anyone think Yzerman will package some picks to either move up from their spot in the 20's or move up to get a second pick in the 20's?
  9. This looks like a reaaaaaaaaally good deal. Bernier it looks like was going to walk anyways. So they just traded a 3rd round pick for an NHL starting Goalie who could be there for 6-7 years. Unless I'm missing something. Seems like a great deal. Also looks like this kid knows how to play and could be pretty good...... Guess that eliminates us taking one of the two goalies in the first round (albeit it was a long shot with pick 6 for the top, top goalie). Opens up the draft now. BPA.
  10. https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2021/7/22/22588570/nba-draft-cade-cunningham-detroit-pistons?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+detroitbadboys+(Detroit+Bad+Boys+(Legacy)) - This makes me second guess taking him lol.... I still think Cades the pick though.
  11. No I meant that for the Tigers hah. I think we will finally will spend on some good FA's.... And yes, I should of said offseason 😂
  12. If OSU is starting McCord, I want McCarthy since McCarthy beat out McCord in showcases......
  13. I too agree that we'll be around pick 10 I think. I think this summer we finally start spending money. Borderline playoffs next year, then playoffs year after off and running......
  14. Very cool. This seems like a winning position to be in especially this year.....
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