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  1. I've definitely heard Fickell, Campbell and Fleck. The others I haven't. I think Jim has 2 more years to beat Ohio State or else.....
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2021/05/is-the-talent-gap-between-michigan-football-and-ohio-state-football-actually-that-big.html This is as spot on as it can get. Being an Ohio State site just pisses me off more too. Lets go Jim! I really hope Morgan doesn't take the stance that stars don't matter in recruitment..... We should be goin Juevos to the wall if you know what I mean on some big time 5 star prospects. That is the only way that we will ever catch up and maybe surpass the Ohio State program......
  3. What position will we focus on in undrafted FA? Anyone know?
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft/teams - Barns was rated 252 overall by ESPN..... That's a little reach on their part. But I'll give our new GM benefit of the doubt...... So far there haven't been any "WHAT THE F&*(^)( ARE THEY DOING?!" type picks (for the bad).
  5. These were needs picks it looks like. At least Brown looks like a starter.
  6. I'm cool if they trade back here if an offer is presented. Get another dart throw later on.
  7. LOL. So far this looks pretty interesting. Build the trenches and add ancillary pieces. I'm starting to wonder if we'll even take a WR or LB in this draft.... I wonder how we're looking on our Cap space right now? Maybe we can pull a Stevie Yzerman and take on a WR in a salary dump by a team thats picking up a young one in the draft..... It'd be nice right?
  8. I know it's way past your post time. But just curious, who would you rather have than Harbaugh? I don't think theres a legit better coach out there......
  9. Could Bateman (?) fall? That'd be nice too.
  10. Like I said earlier. I think we are going to suck next year. Let all the teams get QB's that need them this year. Then next year we'll be in great shape to get a QB and have another year of a rookie contract (for a QB). We are going to be paying Goff for 3 years anyways. Why not start the clock on a high end QB prospect next year since they are the most expensive players on teams (for the most part)?
  11. Just curious. What am I missing on Goff? For him to get the extension he got, isn't there a chance that he will be decent? He was afterall the 1-1 pick like 3 or 4 years ago.... Why does everyone hate him so much? I say roll the dice with him.
  12. Trade back (unless the Seweii guy or whatever is there). We are going to suck and have a top 3 pick next year anyway. We can then get our QB.........
  13. I guess I just want to clarify this a little. The Mets financial Cap is screwy. They will be way over the limit of the luxury tax if they sign Lindor, Syndergaard, and give extensions to Conforto and DeGrom. I really don't think they can keep all. Also too, Thor is ready to get out of there I think. With how everything went with the catchers last few years, I think Thor was really put off by the leadership there. Next note. I really think we'll see Tork this year. Wouldn't surprise me if they did an August/September callup on him. Dingler, I think will wait a year like you said. The reason why I say Bryant is a super sub is I think he'd play every day, just not as a main position. He cant play RF at all, but LF, 1B, 3B are all realistic possibilities for him. I think he'd be in the lineup every day, just wouldn't have 1 set position. Also, Grossman is mainly LF guy. So pushing him to RF every day isn't really an option but he could play there in a pinch to give Polanco (in this scenario) a day off. Candy would start over Bryant until Bryant shows he's rebounded completely. Candy did have a good year last year batting .297/.369/.503. However that was also with a unsustainable .372 BABIP. So until Bryant surpasses him every day value (which I very well could see after the first month), I think Candy would start over Bryant in this scenario. I really don't expect this all to happen. But just a scenario I could throw out. But that is at least the reasoning behind it.
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