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  1. Finished all 30 two summers ago (plus Shea Stadium, old Yankee stadium, Riverfront and, of course, Tiger Stadium). PNC and AT&T are the two best in my opinion. I do enjoy Fenway and Wrigley though…although maybe not Wrigley during the renovations. Oakland is the worst of current stadiums. Shea was the worst of all. Looking forward to Atlanta's new park!
  2. I, personally, wouldn't go to Kansas City without getting a Z-Man sandwich and fries at Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que (formerly Oklahoma Joe's)! It's not downtown, but it's worth the trip. Yes, the main location is in a gas station. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
  3. Tigers Schedule | tigers.com: Schedule Schedule is up if you want to look!
  4. Turner Field uses blue. Great American Ballpark uses red. Marlins Park uses blue. Yankee Stadium uses blue. Petco Park uses blue. (and I'm sure there are others...these just come to mind) So yes there are quite a few that use non-green. Blue is definitely the second most used color. Cincinnati definitely feels like you're at a REDS game with the Red seats. Can't imagine Yankee Stadium w/o blue.
  5. Tigers 3 Red Sox 0 (+3) It's going to happen!
  6. From the Tigers website: Tonight's scheduled game between the Indians and Tigers at Comerica Park has been postponed due to inclement weather. The game will be rescheduled at a later date, but not during the current series, which is now scheduled to begin on Wednesday. All paid tickets for tonight's game will be honored on the makeup date. No ticket exchange is necessary. My guess is that it will be made up the Thursday after the All-Star Break. And I was soooo close to buying some real good seats for cheap on Stubhub hoping they would cancel it and those seats would be good. But I feared with all the games already missed, they would make it up this series. Shame on me.
  7. I was out there about noon and it was kind of like what Oblong's pictures shows. But from my view during the game, the RF porch looked absolutely packed!
  8. Here's how the Mud Hens are melting snow: Mud Hens: Under The Dome - Toledo Blade
  9. Hello all! I was honored with the #3 pick in 2012 and was able to select a gentleman who won the Triple Crown. Some silly guy took Jose Valverde at number 2. That's about as bad as Darko over Melo. 2012 draft: 1 estrepe1 - James McCann, C 2 caseyo4 - Jose Valverde, RP 3 mckibbka - Miguel Cabrera, 1B So, without further ado, I once again select the best hitter on the planet and will hope for a career year on his way to another MVP, another Triple Crown, an LCS MVP and World Series MVP. Most importantly, he's going to get Mr. I his ring!!!! My pick: MIGUEL CABRERA
  10. Got an email yesterday that season ticket holder presale will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am. $22 for adults in the presage. The presale also gets you the hour early entry passes. I'd suggest you e-mail your ticket rep if you haven't heard anything.
  11. Mine showed up last night also.
  12. Anybody receive refunds yet? I received my refund for extra World Series strip a little over a week ago, but nothing for the full postseason strips. Just want to make sure I'm not the only one. I know they say 4-6 weeks, but sometimes it's faster.
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