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  1. Which is kind of funny since based on his predraft rankings, we drafted 4 of his top 26 ranked prospects.
  2. I believe the Red Sox took him. Tigers took Blake Holub, a 4th yr Sr RHP from St. Edwards University (TX)
  3. After round 10, any signing bonus over $125K counts towards our bonus pool. $ only get removed from our pool if a 1st-10th round pick does not sign. The 5% is correct, so in reality we have up to $14,966,490 allowed without losing a draft pick, however we would pay a 75% tax on any amount over our pool of $14,253,800.
  4. Yep, my bad. I saw Law’s draft article right below it and messed up. Thanks for the correction!
  5. Bowden (not Law)on the Athletic raved about Tork and Greene. He compared Tork to Miggy and Pujols saying he had the loudest BP, the best at bats, and showed he can play at least the first few years at 3rd. He said he expects Greene to win silver sluggers and be in MVP consideration.
  6. I still don't get the extreme hate. It's questionable if Mayer stays at SS. And it looks like they are spending any saved $ - probably a significant portion of it on Madden. Jobe does have as much upside as anyone in the draft and we have had success developing high end pitchers. I'm thinking he has the potential to follow a similar path as Hunter Greene, hopefully without the surgery, but Greene is looking like he will be up any time now 4 years after being drafted while missing over a year to TJ. If he can avoid injury, hopefully Jobe ends up causing a debate whether to call up mid-2024.
  7. Best Alabama pitching prospect since Turnball. MLB had him ranked right where he was selected at 74. Mid 90's with chance to have a decent 4 pitch mix.
  8. He was ranked 30th and picked at 39th. They were very high on House as a possibility with their 3rd pick and he compares to him, so not a surprise that they would take him. Not sure how it ranks as stupid. It's not like he was ranked in the 70's
  9. Gotta love the positivity on here. I know there has been reason to be skeptical in the past, but we are actually seeing many of our recent draft picks performing well.
  10. Compares to House. Likely will have to move to 3rd. Big power. Bats Left (House bats right). More athletic supposedly than House. May have more LH power than anyone in draft according to Pipeline.
  11. Evidently the NL contestants hit a combined 10 hrs. So yes, Tork and Greene represented quite well.
  12. The one caveat is that if you don't sign him, you get the draft pick next year. (But you also lose the slot $ from your pool this year)
  13. I don't think there is any question he would have. This (and the Madden pick) is where maybe the saved $ from Jobe does come into play. I still believe they think Jobe has the most upside, or at least close enough to Mayer that the $ differrence was at minimum a tiebreaker, but the $ savings is nice to have now especially when we have the 2nd largest pool to start with.
  14. I'm kind of mixed. If we were talking Jobe/Rocker comparison, I definitely lean Jobe. With Leiter/Jobe, I lean Leiter. Jobe may have more upside, but for all the talk about Leiter being short at 6'1, Jobe is currently only 6'2. He may add an inch or 2, but he also may not. Could Jobe have some more upside? Probably, but Leiter's upside isn't a whole lot lower IMO and he has shown it against top college competition. I wouldn't be upset either way, but I would definitely lean Leiter at 3 over Jobe if we are set at taking one of those 2.
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