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  1. Yes we did. And when Campbell was on NFL radio yesterday, he said Jefferson's game speed per GPS was the 2nd fastest of any of the backs (to Najee). So he plays considerably faster than he performed at pro day.
  2. I'm beginning to wonder if T & P is Carlos 🤪
  3. They got who they wanted and got a 3rd and flipped a 4th for a 3rd, so yes, they did better than taking Darrisaw in their first spot, I just think they got below average value for dropping 9 spots at that point of the draft. But I assume it was the best offer that kept them in the range to get someone they wanted. It also shows me the perceived drop off in talent from around pick 12 to pick 14-15 - which aligns with the thought of how top heavy this draft was as far as elite talent.
  4. I couldn't believe the Vikings got so little for their trade with the Jets. I do think that moving up for one of the last top QB's caused an overpay in comparison to "normal" value, but I would have been upset if the Lions moved 9 spots from the upper 1/2 of the first and only got a 3rd out of the deal. I think the Jets got a steal in terms of "value"
  5. I think he's more of a hybrid, but is the exact type of player needed for the changes in today's game with guys like Pitts.
  6. JOK is my first choice for Round 2. I'd have been happy getting him if we traded back to 15 in the first.
  7. It sounds like he has been managing it for years and the symptoms have been decreasing, so hopefully he will grow out of it like his other family members.
  8. Evidently He is starting again on Sunday on short rest, so Skubal is going to come in after him today.
  9. He isn't, but has some attributes the team could use IMO. Not a major loss and a move had to be made when Miggy came back. I'd just have thought they'd wait until then before deciding who to bump. H. Castro's recent stretch probably made the decision easier for them to do now as Nunez has no positional flexibility. Since sending down an OF wouldn't open up any playing time for him when Miggy is back, I imagine it was going to come down to H. Castro or Nunez.
  10. To be fair, it was 2019 that he was in low A ball and right after he was drafted. He did get a reasonable amount of experience last year in the intersquads and at the alternate sight and performed above expectations. It will be interesting to see how he does this season in the minors. The best of the best come up around age 20-21. It's time we had one of those 🤪
  11. And it's not Pitts role as much as the comparing him to Calvin if he ran a under a 4.5 that I thought was crazy. Calvin was an extreme athletic freak of nature. Pitts has to be under 4.4 to be anywhere close to that conversation.
  12. That was the whole point of Jason_R earlier post. Pitts is light for a TE and big for a WR. Would he be able to hold up as a TE? Likely not as a traditional TE, but that wouldn't be what he would be asked to do. If he runs a 4.4-4.45, he is a huge matchup problem and definitely compares with Chase for the best receiver in the class.. If he runs a 4.6, he's not worth a top 15 pick IMO. If he runs a 4.5, I'd hope the Lions don't take him in the top 10, but some team will.
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