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  1. Team is uninspiring. Can't blame JB for injuries, but this team probably isn't contending for the B10 even if Caris is healthy.
  2. Yes. You know they are going to give us an actual ending to the story when this all wraps up. What's fun is that the main body of this show is obviously BCS, but anytime we see future/Omaha stuff, I feel like we're getting bonus minutes of Breaking Bad.
  3. This show is so fun to watch. It's more than enjoyment... I feel SAFE when I watch it it. Like, I have implicit trust for the creators of the show, that they will make great decisions and craft every episode with love.
  4. Live sports is pretty much the only reason I still have cable TV. If ESPN starts pulling crap like that on a regular basis.... goodbye. Ruined this game entirely (not that M's play would have been much worth watching anyway...)
  5. My stats were "after 16 weeks," so that includes all the abortions from 24 weeks or later. More to the point, I'd love to hear your reasoning why abortion at 16 weeks is better than 24. A simple google search of 16-week fetuses shows pictures of awfully human-looking babies. Definitely not the so-called "clump of cells." You are framing the question in a way that presumes that abortion is morally defensible. If abortion kills a human, that means over 50 million babies have been legally killed since 1973. Talk about social chaos...
  6. I wasn't saying that early abortions are good because they prevent late abortions, obviously. I posted the list to show what a small percentage of late abortions are because of horrible fetal abnormalities or risk to the mother's life.
  7. So it's just about the mother? You don't have any concern for the baby at all? There may be many fewer abortions late in pregnancy, but they are mostly NOT occurring because something "gravely goes wrong." Here are the most common reasons for an abortion after 16 weeks: 71% -- Woman didn't recognize she was pregnant or misjudged gestation 48% -- Woman found it hard to make arrangements for abortion 33% -- Woman was afraid to tell her partner or parents 24% -- Woman took time to decide to have an abortion 8% -- Woman waited for her relationship to change 8% -- Someone pressured woman not to have abortion 6% -- Something changed after woman became pregnant 6% -- Woman didn't know timing is important 5% -- Woman didn't know she could get an abortion 2% -- A fetal problem was diagnosed late in pregnancy 11% -- Other The Inconvenient Truths (For Both Sides) About Late Term Abortions Your argument is with the Republican pro-life view, not mine. Outlawing abortion is one piece of the puzzle. The rest of it is equally essential - ending poverty, supporting single mothers, affordable health care, sex ed, more contraception, longer paid maternity leave. We need to work to prevent abortions from being necessary, and take care of women who have unplanned pregnancies. But none of this makes abortion acceptable.
  8. I'm confused. What did they teach you in 10th grade biology that is informing your pro-choice position?
  9. First - you said you haven't thought much about when abortion should be illegal - can I ask you to think about it for a minute? Not including the "forced abortion" situation you describe, do you think abortion should be legal for anyone, for any reason, at, say, 9 months? To answer your question, no unborn baby can control the circumstances under which they are conceived. It's not their fault and they don't deserve to die. With that said, from a practical standpoint, I would be more than willing to support a law that made exceptions for rape and incest, since those situations are statistically insignificant, and most abortions are done for convenience.
  10. Well he was trying to muddy up the waters by claiming that conception is a hazy process and so we can't know when "life" begins. So I'm offering him the option of skipping over the hazy part.
  11. I'm not an embryologist, so I'll make this easy for both of us. The third week after conception is when the brain and heart start to form. Would you agree to a law making abortion illegal after 3 weeks? Fetal development: The 1st trimester - Mayo Clinic
  12. There are over 3,000 abortions per day. The way to stop this is through laws. Vigilante violence against abortionists (aside from being just as morally wrong as abortion) wouldn't have any practical effect in reducing the overall number. Again, you don't think a first-trimester abortion kills a human being, but you can't tell me at what point it starts being a human being. Trimesters are arbitrary divisions. It's not like on the first day of the third trimester, they flip a switch and the baby's brain comes on. If the answer to the question "does this kill an innocent human being" isn't clear, shouldn't we err on the side of not killing it?
  13. What is the difference between a 9-month fetus and a 1-month infant, besides its location? Work backwards from birth (where everyone agrees it is now a human with rights), and show me the point where it's logical to say starting HERE, it's not the same thing. This is why the burden of proof should be on the side that says "go ahead and kill it." Because even if everyone doesn't agree that it's a human being one day after conception, everyone does agree it's a human being one day after it's born. And there's a clear line from one to the other. The fetus has unique DNA from conception. It's a separate life. Size, location, dependency are not reasons we kill humans. And in terms of unborn babies not having will, have you seen an ultrasound of an abortion where the baby is trying to get away from it? It's heartbreaking.
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