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  1. Peralta finds fountain of youth in Rock City. Love it.
  2. Sweeping the filthy Yankees is always a joy. I cannot wait to hear the complaining on the radio tomorrow morning.
  3. Too much lying on this site.
  4. I wonder if Baddoo ever expected to be intentionally walked in the 9th inning of a one run MLB game.
  5. Wise to make that point in writing. I see what you did there.
  6. Another instance of FO underperformance.
  7. This team is more interesting than you think.
  8. I expect Cabrera to be on the DL soon whether or not he is really injured.
  9. He is completely ineffective. Walks more batters than my 16 year old.
  10. These West Coast road games have been a thorn in the Tigers' side for the entire century. How many have we lost to Oakland and the Angels?
  11. To be clear, I am not in regular communication with the Adduci crew, except of course when they come around to collect payments once a week.
  12. With Urena pitching, I am inclined to place a large bet on the Tigers.
  13. Bad K by jones there with Candy at 3d and 1 out.
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