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  1. Pyro's platoon splits make me feel kind of funny - like when we climbed the rope in gym class
  2. My fellow is now a Mud Hen :-) Go Green !!!!!! From an All-Star to a Mud Hen: Dean Green called up to join Triple-A Toledo - Bless You Boys
  3. A. Our weight limits are too high - cut those in half B. Why build toll booths? Just raise the gas tax (with some provisions for containing administrative costs and also warranties) C. We spend too much on Corrections, Medicaid, and Universities (especially administrators) D. Some departments have too many chiefs per Indian. E. Peg gas taxes to CPI - so we don't have this fiasco come up every 10-15 years. F. Stop paving over swamp - dig 20 feet deep, fill, compact, then pave or dump cement in. Frost in swamps is very bad. Any other problems you need solved today? :-)
  4. Probably has framed posters of Pete Weber Jr.
  5. And I complain about a little knee swelling. Hang in there big guy, we all know you are tougher than a corncob in the outhouse! Praying hard for your recovery sir
  6. In lieu of many ill conceived jokes about walking funny - thank God we have you back Roger! So awesome to see you lurking around a ballpark again :-)
  7. We are sending all our love and prayers for you and Robie both !! Get lots of rest and fluids, and eat like a hog - that's an order. :-)
  8. .331 .413 .520 I will wager he could manage more offense in place of legends such as Josh Wilson ;-) And now age 26 - so WYSIWYG, I would guess.
  9. Yes - change the first name to Rickey, and he's golden !!! Also, is AAA still a much higher level of competition than AA? Seems like there are a lot of "organizational veterans" in AAA nowadays?
  10. Update via Robie: No new news yet. We will probably know more tomorrow. He is positive and talking up a storm. It's a good thing
  11. Well we could kind of use a DH right now, in case y'all haven't noticed ;-) Or anybody who can hit, really! Collins is a very flawed player offensively
  12. Hey gang, just got word from Robie - Roger was admitted to the hospital last night. :-( Don't have a lot of details yet but it sounded serious. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today.
  13. Good thing we are giving these AB's to Hernan Perez and Collins, eh? ;-)
  14. Mine was batting a cool .363 for Erie, last I checked. :-)
  15. Look now, folks. My future bodyguard, Mr. Dean Green, is no Michael Laga. His line @ Erie reads as follows: 2015 ERI EAS AA 28 104 12 36 50 5 0 3 20 14 0 14 0 0 .346 .417 .481 .897 Makes him a career .314 during his pro career, including some recovery periods from injuries. How about we give my big fella some hacks soon?
  16. In real baseball, everyone should bat, and the DH only makes for a longer game. Also, a DH is a wussy girl. Next question :-)
  17. 91 wins, a tie for 1st place, lose one game playoff, make Wild Card, run out of bubble gum, win World Series.
  18. My favorite baseball writer, hope this is only a new exiting chapter to come for Mr. Gage. Oh, and whomever let him go is a ruh-tard.
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