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  1. Why place Maybin in tihe weaker area of his platioon numbers? He's actiually been betitier vs. RHP: Cameron Maybin Career Batting Splits | Baseball-Reference.com Also I'm thinking that he & Gose might cover an awful lot of territory together in the OF. :-)
  2. Not sure how much Illitch would trust Boras on Span's health - if they can get a contract with a lot of money coming from playing time incentives, then it may be worthwhile.
  3. I've been wanting to see Span in our leadoff spot for years - sign him up !!
  4. Austin Jackson is no longer even a "tier 2" OF, in my opinion. Last 2 years his OPS was .655 & .696 - OBP around .310 Ugg. Maybin may surprise a little, as his K rate has been improving. Hoping he can reach @ at least a .330 clip. He has historically been a slow starter, so maybe limit his PA's before June?
  5. So looks like our depth chart now looks like this? SP - Verlander, Zimmerman, Sanchez, Norris, Pelfrey RP - K-Rod, Lowe, Wilson, Hardy, LHP #2, pick two from below: Others - Greene, Rondon, Ryan, VerHagen, Farrell, Lobstein, Boyd, Fullmer, Farmer 1B: Miggy 2B: Kinsler SS: Iglesias 3B: Castellanos C: McCann RF: Martinez CF: Gose LF: Maybin DH - Victor Bench: Collins, Romine, Salty, FA (?), Perez (?), Machado (?) Bernard (?)
  6. Al Avila hates April weather, smokes 12 inch cigars, and can suck a ghost pepper all the way through his nose.
  7. Okay I'm trying to sort out the actual 2016 roster now - what have I missed, also are we done besides an inning 8 guy? SP - Verlander, Zimmerman, Sanchez, Norris, Pelfrey RP - K-Rod, Wilson, Hardy, Rondon, Ryan, VerHagen, Farrell Others - Greene, Lobstein, Boyd, Fullmer, Farmer 1B: Miggy 2B: Kinsler SS: Iglesias 3B: Castellanos C: McCann RF: Martinez CF: Gose LF: Maybin dh - Victor Bench: Collins, Romine, Holiday, Perez (?), Machado (?) Bernard (?)
  8. I almost went with Pelfrey - maybe start listening to the voices eh?
  9. okay 27 so far counting my own entry - keep 'em coming !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello. I plan on having our pick lottery on January 9th - man how time flies eh? Just note your interest by posting herein - & you shall be entered for a (hopefully high) pick ! Registration shall cease @ 11:59:59 PM on January 8. So .......... WHO WANTS IN ???
  11. Fullmer, at some point this season. But I guess they will sign Hisashi Iwakuma. Maybe Fister. Sure wishing they kick the tyres on Mr. Lincecum, though :-)
  12. Any chatter yet about which FA's we may be going after? Here's my 1st attempt at a list: (yeah I'm shooting the moon on a couple ...) SP: - Price - Cueto - J. Zimmerman - Yo Gallaro - J. Samardzija - S. Kasmir RP: - Clippard - Soria OF: - Cespedes - Justin Upton - Jason Heyward - Denard Span Bargain Bin: - Bud Norris
  13. thanks for posting "High Flight" - I was trying to recall that one
  14. Here's one vote for team Mom, for the first pitch in Lakeland next year! Love you guys.
  15. I get two - then stack the beef on one bun. Yup, a sexburger.
  16. Roger - from minors forums on 9/6/15 while noting the final regular season games. Seems fitting here.
  17. Godspeed, Roger. You always showered me with kindness and wisdom. People like you just aren't made anymore! You will live on a very long time in our hearts & minds, as we pay it forward. :-) And thanks Yoda for posting this - it's never easy to do
  18. Makes sense - as usual sir. Yeah he will require one more pitch for sure.
  19. Shouldn't he be a SP ? He has been excellent in long relief so far, I see.
  20. We won! Kewl September 7, 2015 Tampa Bay Rays at Detroit Tigers Box Score and Play by Play | Baseball-Reference.com
  21. Green broke a hammate bone in his wrisi - his season is over. :-( Man, whai a **** sanwhich of a season we've seen, eh?
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